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Happy Easter (Update - Please Keep Praying and My Visit to ICU)

The Croley Gang: Easter Greetings Easter Greetings
 For anyone that read my previous post in which I asked people to please pray for my friend Marian, if you did ...please continue to pray for her. I ask because something happened that has caused me to wonder if she is rallying back and I will come back to this at the end of this post.

 I spent almost 4 hrs with her in ICU Friday night  ....until almost 2 in the morning.  I prayed for her, read healing scriptures to her, read excerpts from a book written by a woman who had a miracle healing from stage IV liver cancer - all medically documented.  I also talked to her about different things going on in my life, talked and laughed with her nurse - sharing funny stories that I know would crack Marian up if she heard them.  I encouraged her and told her to fight any negativity she may hear people speak and to believe for healing from God. I reminded her that she is one of the most positive people I know and what a strong woman she is and has overcome many challenges in life and to not give up.  Mostly, I discussed faith, and healing stories I know of and read almost 40 healing scriptures to her and shared the commentary to show her how it applies to her and anyone in need of healing.  And ..I told her that when she comes home I will make her and her husband a dinner, telling her what I would make. Except ...I don't do fish.  She makes it all the time, but we aren't a fish family here.   I held her hand or gently caressed her arm - most of the time ..even while reading.  And I hope this was okay to do.  I washed my hands at the sink first so that I wouldn't bring any infection to her.

I had stopped at B, B & B on the way to the hospital, thinking that even though she's on oxygen ...she might appreciate smelling floral scents.  Aroma therapy.  :)  I didn't know if the oxygen would interfere, but I wanted to try anyway.  And I was delighted to see the tropical scents too, since she is such a warm weather, tropical island girl.  They are FABULOUS!

These are the scents I brought in for her:

Waikiki Melon

Beach Walk

Mango Peach Salsa

Beach Wood

Sun and Sand

Sage and Citrus

Paradise Spice

Fresh Cut Roses

Lilac Blossoms

Home Sweet Home

First I checked with the nurse to see if it was alright. 

I told her how I know she loves warm weather, the tropics and flowers and so I brought some scented candles for her to smell.  I opened the wrapping, told her the scent and then I described the beachy pictures on the front of each one ...taking my time to let her imagination picture it all. Then I held it to her least obstructed nostril.  It seemed to me she was taking it in ...because each time I placed the candle by her nose ...she closed her mouth ...and had a serene expression.  She only did that when I placed the candles near her.  And I talked about how it would be so nice to take a nice bubble bath in these scents and also how she'll soon be planting her flowers in the yard.  I also talked about how soon we will be opening out pools, and have crystal clear water with that fresh pool water scent.  She loves her pool too. I was hoping to stimulate her senses and to give her a pleasant experience ...away from the antiseptic, sterile hospital environment.  And away from any negative words about her condition she may hear from any visitors and/or medical staff.  And I joked about us possibly having tree frogs growing in the pool again since our pool cover ripped from the weight of the ice.

 I was concerned that if she did not like a scent that I could be making her miserable...smelling something she didn't like but was unable to tell me.  It's just that it must be so awful to be stuck in a hospital bed, unable to do anything for yourself, not even open your eyes and I thought it was worth the risk.  I hope it was alright.  Like I said, she reacted as though she was appreciating each scent.  I also repeated the scents a few times.   I was excited to see she opened her eyes twice, but closed them quickly.  She just was not able to keep them open.  Her nurse told me she hadn't opened them for her yet, but she heard she did during the day.

And at times I felt she was trying to talk, but was unable to.  And I could tell when she fell asleep, but I kept reading to her and then she'd wake again.  I believe words go into our spirits ...even if we aren't conscious.  And I held the lilac blossom candle while reading for awhile because it did smell like fresh lilacs were in the room.

I am confused about something.  When I mentioned her being in a coma, the nurse said she wasn't in a coma and hadn't been as far as she knew.  Yet yesterday ..a friend and her husband again referred to her as being in a coma.  The nurse thought that perhaps with the anxiety of it all they had misunderstood.  So that is good.  But ...when I came in she told me "she's not good."  And when I was leaving, I asked about the one monitor and the nurse stated her vitals were good, but she's not doing ..and I interrupted ..wanting to keep it positive and just said that I;m believing she will heal.  And the nurse and I had spoken about the importance of being careful not to be negative around patients because they can hear and discussed a couple of books in which people had miracles. So ..I knew she understood what I was doing.  (I want to do a post about medical staff and what others say around patients when they think the patient can't hear them).  Also, she is not on pain med anymore.

So that was Friday night.

Saturday, I came home to a voice mail from a friend all excited ..stating that she was shocked that Marian is talking.  She said she saw her the day before and it was a slap in the face to see her in that state, there is no way she could be talking and it's like a "MIRACLE" (her emphasis), that she was talking yesterday.  And she said her other friend ..whom she referred to as a high tech nurse said, "This just doesn't happen." and couldn't believe she was talking to them.  Her husband was also in shock.

I have not spoken with anyone about it yet and so I don't know what it means, or how unusual it is ..if it is.  I don't know if Marian even knows I was with her for those few hrs the night before ...that I was reading Bible scriptures about healing over her, prayed for her 3 different times ..with the last time I gently placed my hands in an area in which I know there is a history of concern.  I had also told her about all the people, the churches, her priest ..that so many people were praying for her.  Anyway ...this mutual friend went on for at least a minute on my voice mail about how everyone is shocked she is talking.

I couldn't help but think about the night before and all the faith in miracle healing I was sharing with her and most importantly ...the actual scriptures from God's word on healing (God's medicine),  and faith being read over her.  Thank God for doctors, nurses, medicine and all medical staff and the skill with which they facilitate healing in patients.  But ...only God can do the actual healing.  Did hearing His word spoken over her ...into her make the difference?  Was hope renewed within her?  All the prayers?  I don't know if anyone else knows that I did those things.  I went at night because I didn't know if it would be possible to spend that kind of time with her during the day.

I also admit, I went later than I wanted to initially, because I was nervous about what I'd see.  It's one thing when you are working with patients, but it is entirely different when it is someone in your personal life.  I also didn't know what I was going to say and was nervous about that and so while driving over there, I prayed for God to help me say things that would help her.  I had no idea I would stay almost 4 hours.  As I was getting up to leave, the nurse came in and said, "You did good."  I didn't do it to hear that, but I just pray really helped her.  At the very least provided some encouragement, hope, peace and those things provided some strength.  I know it is very serious.  I know not everyone is healed.  But I also know that sometimes people are healed in ways that can't be explained from a medical perspective.  And I also know that she is so seriously ill ...that only God can heal her at this point.

There is also another mutual friend that works there that has messaged me in FB a few times - just telling me, "Keep praying for Marian."

We all are praying for her.  And if you feel inclined to  ...your prayers for her are most certainly welcome too.  Power in prayer!

PS - I will just add ...that if I were that ill (God Forbid), I would appreciate that someone would take the time to pray for and encourage me ...even if it looked hopeless ...especially if it looked hopeless.  At the very least ...hearing God's word is comforting ...but those words also have power and can facilitate healing.

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