Thursday, March 28, 2013

If I Were a Doctor ... Part I

SeaSpray ...totally under the weather a couple of weeks ago.  Now you know what I REALLY look like ...when I'm sick.  Green has never been a good color for me.   ;)

So ...there I was ...lying on my back, fantasizing in bed my most M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E from the upper respiratory infection from  ..well you know where ..that fiery furnace place.  Although,  I guarantee you I would never ever surround myself with bedsheets with a math computations design.  Those bedsheets would be a surefire catalyst to my having NIGHTMARES.  Ugh MATH NIGHTMARES!!  Perish the thought!

But I digress.

This illness was sooo bad, that I wondered if it was the flu ...but it wasn't.  It hit everyone so quickly in both our immediate family and older son's family ...although he managed to avoid it.  It took us all down.  It definitely wasn't just one of those annoying, but you basically breeze through it kind of colds, etc.  And I really didn't have cold symptoms ...or at least they were minimal.  But with my chest squeaking and feeling heavy, challenged breathing and coughing ...I  was afraid I'd never be able to inhale again once I got to coughing and wondering if I should go to the ER ...ugh was both draining and unnerving. 

While I was rendered as useless and overcome as this little green critter, (okay I didn't die - obviously;), by the URI ...I was so frustrated and miserable ...that I began fantasizing about being a doctor   ...and what *I* would do to eradicate this infection once and for all.  And then I came up with a song ...If I Were a Doctor.

The only thing more pathetic than me singing a song is me trying to sing any song while sick.  So ...I sang in my head - which sounded better than usual anyway.  :)  What can I say's all I had for my amusement  that day ...because even reading sapped too much energy.  :)

And I was thinking of Dr WhiteCoat and feeling annoyed at him.  Why you ask?

Shhhh ...I will tell you if you don't tell him.  ;)

He didn't do anything wrong.  It was just me annoyed that I knew he was probably right.  Of course he has no idea about any of this ...but I was just annoyed about it all because I liked my way better.

And that is when I decided what *I* really wanted to do and would do if I could.  Then that first fantasy lead to a continuation of the fantasy in song.  Power of mind over matter helped ..even though it was just this SeaSpray's imagination.  I guess I was angry and frustrated about looking and feeling like I was for so darn long and so I enjoyed both being defiant and all the the visuals.   Yeah ...I was really living on the wild side of medicine ... in my mind's eye.  :)

You can't blame an under the weather SeaSpray for plotting, planning and wishing.  :)

This seems like a good place to stop for now.  Otherwise the post would be a lot longer and I have so many things to do right now.  So be continued.  :)
I haven't forgotten about my follow-up post to my dreaded PCP appointment and will get around to that too.  Life has been busy for sure.  :)

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