Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Friday (Revised)

6 januari Cartoon - Time Zone blog

But very much feels like Saturday night.

Weird how that happens.
And now it is Saturday and has very much felt like Sunday all day.  I can only assume then ...that tomorrow - Sunday will feel like Monday.

So ...somehow - I've gone back in time.

Yet tonight - time moves forward with clocks being set ahead for day light savings time.  ?

So ...since I've gone back a day and the clock moves forward an hour ...maybe somehow it will just be Monday on Monday - all back to normal.

BTW - I don't know why - But I never like daylight savings time in the spring and I don't like March.  I guess I don't like giving up cozy winter nights, etc.  And March is a transitional month.  It's not hardcore winter and not really spring.  It's just March.

Then when April rolls around ...I'm ready for long days and warm weather.

And right now ...I am ready for a bucket load of antibiotics to help me feel better even tho I know it is just a virus.

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