Friday, March 22, 2013

Keyed Up - Trip to the OR! (Update/pics)

 I wish I could be right at her side, holding her hand the entire time.

So ...this is weird ...that I am now keyed up at 03:30 in the morning because of a surgery in the morning.  Yes ...a trip to the OR ...but it's not me this time.   It's my granddaughter.  She's scheduled for the OR at 07:00 and will be getting a bone graft in her foot.  We are so grateful that the cyst was benign - thank God.  Our boys rarely went to the pediatrician ...except for their vaccines and a few small things here and there.  And thankfully they never had to have any surgery.  I just hate the idea of our AngelGirl having to go through all that.  And I REALLY wish I could be there with her too.  But ...her little brother and sister will be here at 5 am ...ready to seize the day, I'm sure.  They are always excited when they come over here.  I bought them a large red ball last night.  :)  I'm hoping since it will still be dark that they might sleep ...but I don't know.   I made up a pretty pink, arty flower bag with festive pink ribbons ...filled with magazines, a lip gloss, a card with a little money and attached a smiley face helium balloon.  :)  I wish I thought to get a plush stuffed animal.  I'm still wearing my clothes so I can just run out to her to give her the gift bag and a cheery warm hug.  Part of the problem is also because I wanted to be up at 04:45.  Part of me is keyed up and the other part that is tired ..overrides that because I know I want to get up exactly at that time.

 I do the same thing when I have to go to the OR (which seems like a distant memory now - see my previous Sunday post below about being stent free :)  I hate being NPO but, would rather do it for her.  And admittedly, I can see I am controlling a bit in that I wish I was overseeing that she sticks to NPO, but of course her parents are more than capable of doing that.   

Boy love and want to protect your grandchildren every bit as much as you do your own children. 

I have to think of something to write on her cast.

Update 05:50 pm:  She's on the other side of it and doing well.

This was before going in.

Then ...

Photo: Learning how to walk on crutches.

She recovered quickly from the anesthesia.  They also gave her a nerve block below the knee and in her foot and so she's not feeling anything yet.  They had her up and learning how to walk on crutches by noon.  She has a cast.

I have to say, it helps to be able to see her and we talked on the phone this morning and have communicated via Facebook.  Pretty neat, actually.  She even took a pic of herself showing herself hooked up to the IV and ready to roll into the OR.  She was brave about all of it. As always, we are very proud of her.

And I've only slept 2 hours since yesterday morning and during that 2 hours I was kicked repeatedly by the little ones sharing the bed with me.  :)  So ..I don't know that I would say I've slept.  Actually, right now I'm not even tired.  I was ...but it passed. 

I am so glad she is on the other side of this.

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