Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sore Throat Foley/Spritzer? ;)

Okay - so my idea needs perfecting - no need for a foley bag - I just want the tiniest size catheter.  Although - if we could do this - a foley bag at the other end the nether regions would be needed at night.  It would be worth it though, if it alleviated pain.  I shall explain.

I wish we didn't have to swallow when we have a sore throat. 

 I wish there was a way to just keep some kind of tiny hydration CONSTANTLY going down my throat with a tiny catheter know just fasten it somehow so it doesn't affect the gag reflex, but you could still have a constant cool or warm salty intermittent drip to keep throat soothed.  And it should have a tiny spritzer capability ...for those times when you just want to spritz.   "Sorry - can't talk, I'm throat spritzing."  Better yet - is there any reason why we can't have Pyridium for a sore throat?  A sore throat Pyridium product!

Heh!  Actually ...I kind of did that once and scared myself too.  It was January 1, 2006 ...around 9 in the morning.  I didn't know I had a constricted ureter, sepsis, etc., and I thought I just had a urinary tract infection, admittedly of epic proportions.  Aside from the to the bone ...seriously uncontrollable chills - my hands couldn't hold anything and all I could do was lie down.  I had that night after getting home from work, I was now very nauseated feeling in the morning ...the kind where you stay so still and bargain with God.  I also had been given Pyridium and antibiotics by the ER doctor I worked with the night before and just believed the antibiotics had to kick in and is why I ignored Mr SeaSpray's pleas to take me back to the ER.  (Okay - so there is a definite pattern with me as I mentioned in the previous post -and I went through much more before I finally gave in around 7 that night.  Then I thought I WAS dying - but didn't tell them and still wanted to drive in and so we did.  DUMB with a capital "D!")  Anyway that morning - I had to take my medications again, and pyridium was one of them.  So I did.  And then  not too long after, I vomited them back up.

And my entire mouth, tongue and throat felt numb.  It scared me because I was concerned it would affect my breathing somehow.  (I'm NOT a medical person)  But I weathered it.

If only they could perfect a safe Pyridium like drug for a wicked DRAGON FIRE BREATHING sore throat.  Just saying. My voice is so compromised now and no one can hear me unless near by and I can't shout.  I'm thinking this may be working nicely for the guys in the house.  :)

By the way, if it is true that we are the culmination of all past experiences ..being a frequent flier urology patient at one time has obviously inspired this post.

But ..what if?  What if it worked?  Just putting it out there.

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