Friday, March 29, 2013

Please Pray!

A friend has been in the hospital since Tuesday of last week ...seriously ill.  She went into a coma yesterday/last night - I'm not sure and is now in ICU.  A mutual friend called me...crying update me and she said it's bad, that they aren't optimistic.  I called her husband to give support.  He confirmed what our friend said. I just can't believe this and feel sick inside.  So here I am at 3am ...writing.  About a month ago or so, she had an emergency surgery for a femoral hernia with gangrene.  She hadn't had any symptoms prior to the initial pain attack that caused her to go to the ER via ambulance that night.  She was home seemingly doing alright, aside from fluid leaking from the staples and was told that was normal.  She was cut from her chest ...all the way down and she's tall and so she had a lot of staples.   But she had a positive attitude about it ..just as she does with everything.  I don't know why she went back into the hospital, but she's been so ill in there with so many things that have been going wrong - serious things and she been in so much pain and on Morphine.  But her husband said she didn't have an infection and they stopped the antibiotics early on. Several doctors were trying to determine what was causing it all the way into this week.  But tonight he told me that her liver and kidneys couldn't handle the surgery.

 It's all such a shock to us.  She is too young for this!

It is surreal.  I had spoken with her a couple of weeks ago and she was doing well ..except for the leaking staples.  She had wanted me to bring her to the doctor, but I was ill with that stupid upper respiratory thing and the last thing she needed was to be around me.  But we spoke for awhile. At that point she wasn't cleared for driving yet.  I was concerned about the staples, but otherwise she was herself.

She has been suffering with all the things not working right in her body while in the hospital these last 9 days.  She's been profoundly weak the entire time ...unable to do anything for herself - not even feed herself.  They gave her oxygen Monday.

Talking drained her.  She's always been one of the most upbeat people I know and when we get together we always share hearty laughter.  But, she's been too weak for humor.  I can't stop thinking about her.  I even called the hospital switchboard just before writing this post ...just to make sure she is still in ICU.  I tell my friend to think positive thoughts and then I go and do that.

I'm going to see her tomorrow - God willing ...and I plan to talk to her ...even if she is in a coma.  I think it is important to communicate with patients even when you think they can't hear you.  Because ...what if they can?  Encouragement and updating the patient with positive things is so important.

Although, I am praying, and have been praying and I know that many people are also praying for her.

But the more the betterAnd if you feel so inclined could you please say a prayer or send warm thoughts to Marian for her healing.  There is power in prayer and miracles do happen.  People do come out of comas.   I really do believe this.  Thank you.

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