Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stent Free-TWO YEARS-Stent FREE Today and Happy St Patrick's Day!!! :)

First Happy St Patrick's day!  I hope those of you that celebrate, enjoyed the day ...or weekend.  :)  I am including St Patrick's Day with this urology post because today is my TWO YEAR anniversary since the LAST ureteral stent was removed from me.
Wait!  Let me say that again.


Near miraculous ...I tell you!

I wrote a lot more for why I consider being ureteral stent free for TWO years to be near miraculous, but decided to put that part in drafts and will share that another time.

Tonight - I will just keep this simple.

I have said it before and I just have to say it again ...I am so GRATEFUL to God for healing me.  Doctors also facilitate healing, but God still does the actual healing.  And I am so grateful to my main urologist.  He listened to me ...he really listened to me.  And he worked with me.  He gave me ONE more chance to heal via ureteral stenting.  It was a LARGE stent that stayed in me longer than the other stents and let me tell you the time March 17, 2011 came around ...I was ready to birth that stent.  I felt as though I couldn't go another day.  I was done.  Of course if I was told I had to ...I would have.  But it was getting increasingly difficult to tolerate by the day at that point.

Again, I will write about all of this some time in the future as one who has come through a fiery trial and now able to look back.

But ...what if?  What if my urologist didn't give me that ONE last chance with a stent?  I would've had to have the surgery.  What if I did have the surgery?  We'll never know.

But I am tonight ...TWO years later ...still stent FREE and still NO high risk surgery.

I'm thinking this HAS to be it ...right?  DONE!

NEAR MIRACULOUS ...I tell you.  :)

I am just so glad that my doctor cared enough to listen, respected my concerns and was willing to try last time.  I also know that he would not hesitate to override my concerns if he had to.  And we did have the understanding ...I agreed ..that if it didn't work ...I knew the surgery was the next step

But ...PRAISE GOD!  THANK YOU URODOC!  This SeaSpray is HEALED ...permanently STENT FREE!!

And so now ...not only is St Patrick's Day a nice day to celebrate and have a wonderful Irish dinner ...but I will also always have this day to be GRATEFUL ...remembering the GOODNESS of God and feeling appreciative of my dear urologist's efforts through all of this.... because right ureter has HEALED.  :)


Chrysalis said...

Congratulations, Seaspray! Wow, 2 years. Awesome!

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel really is. ;)