Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Series Looks Fantastic - Check it Out! :)

I can hardly wait to watch this Bible movie series - starting tonight (EST) at 8pm on the History Channel.  Definitely a keeper and I will want to buy it for sure.  I've already set the entire series to record.

“This is an epic drama that’s endeavoring to tell the literal — as literal as we could be given our production constraints — translation of this book that has shaped the world and the people who live in it.” ~ New York Times

It was created by Roma Downey and her husband, Mark Burnett. And here is a video of them discussing the series content and how they chose to present the 5 hours of Old Testament and 5 hours New Testament.  Roma will be playing Mary, the mother of Jesus.  I think it is going to be a powerful and entertaining movie series.

 I find it interesting that the opening air date is 3/3/2013 because the number 3: "is the numerical signature of God.  3 is the number of personal completeness. It is the number of the Godhead, it stands for the triune God. It is formed by 1+1+1, but if the 1's are multiplied, the result is still 1. So God is three in one and one in three. In geometry two lines do not make a cube. Hence 2 is an incomplete number while 3 is the complete number. It therefore represents God. A complete man is formed with spirit, soul and body. 3 is also a number of resurrection. The Lord Jesus is resurrected on the third day. The earth came of the water on the third day. There are many references to the number 3.
Enjoy!  :)

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