Monday, April 8, 2013

About the Morgan Twins: "This is a Dream Come True For Most Men" ~ Blake Shelton :)

And I can't wait to see them again either!  :)

 I LOVE The VOICE!  I find myself smiling and laughing throughout the program (2 hrs on Monday nights and 1 hour on Tuesday nights on NBC), and thoroughly enjoy the singing and choreography by the contestants.  And the judges - already successful music entertainers, the bantering back and forth between each other as they too compete for the winner well as listening to their critiques and encouragements for the contestants. This show has it all and is so upbeat.  I always keep a few saved on the recorder.  It is the perfect show to counter the stresses and bad news of the day.  It seems our world is in such turmoil ...more than the norm these days and this show is an excellent escape from all of that.

So ...I thought it would be fun to put the first performance of the opening night to the new season up because it was so entertaining.  I'm including 3 videos.  I highly recommend the first two videos (The male judges watching the twins in first two videos were so taken with them.:), and the third video is also interesting because the women describe their perspectives and why they chose Blake as their coach.

The first video (above), is the actual performance.

These women (The Morgan Twins) are so good!  I totally enjoyed their performance singing Alicia Keys' song, Fallin'.  GREAT song!  Wow ...even their voices are identical.  And here are some of the comments from the judges.  Adam Levine said when he was listening to their "unison voice together, that's like DNA"  Usher said they were "pitch perfect" on their high note.  Shakira said they have "amazing voices" and they "are gonna make it big."

 The second video is of the judges and their reactions and comments.  Interesting and so funny! I have to say ..when the three male judges saw the Morgan twins performing on stage, it was both cute and amusing, seeing how mesmerized they were as they looked upon them with sheer delight.  Blake may very well have to answer to his wife with the way he was looking at them. :)  Adam was pleasantly shocked when he saw them and Usher was so totally taken with them too.  And I'm sure Blake was right regarding his comment that I used for this post title.  I also think women will enjoy their performances as well.  I've always been intrigued by the idea of identical twins, triplets, etc., and I am astounded at how the Morgan twins do sound exactly alike when they sing.  It will be interesting to see the various types of performances Blake sets up for them to do. I do think they will go far in the competition.

Also in the second video just below ...I love the bantering that goes on between the judges.  You can tell they all like each other and are having fun with it.  It is a competition, with the goal being one judge wins with the one winning performer of the entire contest.

 Here is the third video:

This show just has so much to appreciate.  The performers story that they show before they go on stage, the family and/or friends watching and rooting for them back stage, the excitement of the audience, particularly when they do standing ovations, the excitement for when judges turn around - meaning they are picking that performer, unless all 4 turn around - even more exciting because it means they have to compete with each other as they vie for that particular performer who then has to choose which one.  Then once the actual competition begins, watching each contestant train with the coaches every week and as they hone their skills - you see them evolving ...growing to be even better performers. And it is also interesting to see the already famous singers each coach brings in to also train with their contestants.  In the first part of the competition, the performers have to compete against each other.  They compete in pairs every week and each judge has to choose which one stays and which one leaves.  And then finally once the final team is established the remaining 6 performers then compete against other teams, until ultimately there is a final 4 and then the sole winner of the The VOICE.  The viewers also get to vote for their favorite.  Although I never do.

And the judges, this year ...Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton also will do their own performances on stage as solos and with their team.  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be in the audience.  Lucky people!  Oh and Blake Shelton even has me liking some country music.  :)

I'm a total fan of Adam Levine and have a lot of his songs set up on my Spotify account.  Some of Blake's songs too.  I'll be adding some from the other judges as well.  By the way, Shakira and Usher are temporary replacements for Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who had been judges during the first three seasons.  I think they're doing a great job too.

I definitely consider this show to be quality entertainment, something we can use more of on the regular television networks.

I hope you enjoy the videos.  :)

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