Friday, April 19, 2013

About Tonight

We had a good dinner tonight.  Chicken and pesto sauce over linguine with a large salad.  I think every vegetable in the world was in that salad it was so big.  :)

Our 2 AngelGirls will be here shortly and are staying overnight.  It will be nice to have some joy in the house instead of the awful news that we've had on for so long today.  And of course we will be turning the news off because I think it is important to protect children from these things.  have a talk about it if necessary, but I don't think it is good at all for them to have exposure to this violence and the fear it can cause.  And it is important to discuss it ..but on the parents/family's terms we can reassure while informing and also screen what they hear.  It is still hard to protect them from everything.

And now they are here. :)

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