Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AGAIN! and Refrigerator fairy

Having one car to share between us is really a hindrance.  *sigh!*  Hopefully that will change soon. Anyway ..I am off to Karl's ...AGAIN...because I screwed up ;last night.  Store closes at 7 and I had 8 in my head but that was the carpet place. Good thing I called tho because sales rep that had helped me last week wasn't on until today and if I purchase there ..he should get the sale. So I went up to Stockholm to check out carpets.  THAT is going to be  a drawn out thing too ...but I digress.

So ...I had pretty much decided that I was going to just get this one fridge ..just not sure if I should get the faux stainless steel or the real.  Pros and cons both ways ..although leaning toward the real but will be disappointed if doesn't hold magnets.

ANYWAY ...I read more reviews on line and so many complained about the meat drawer falling out when filled, etc.  I can just see Mr SeaSpray flinging it out the window ...Ha ha!  Seriously tho ..why are things made like this.

And why does it have to be so hard to just buy a refrigerator???

Same model may also have issue with freezer seal and also no freezer light?  I missed that.  Holds a lot though.

So ...there HAS to be a refrigerator somewhere that will meet the measurements I need.  Plenty if I want smaller and plenty if I want larger. 

I will even pay more for a better quality.  the thing is ..it SHOULD be a good quality.  I also wonder if Whirpool makes different refrigerators for Sears ...even tho the same model number?  Because it was only on the Sears site in which people complained about the drawer falling out. ???

Then back to the carpet store.  Mr SeaSpray doesn't know I'm looking at carpets.

Oh and I did dream in Spanish last night.

Also ...I know these posts have been boring.  I have a LOT to post about when time.  :)

One is a bit off color and has to do with when I was a newbie patient rep for emergency re4gistration.

I've always hesitated to write the story, but it's actually funny and  ..well you'll see.  I thought of it when I woke up thinking about electricity this morning.

Doesn't everyone think of electricity when they first open their baby blues, browns or whatever?  :)

Oh how I wish there was a refrigerator fairy.  You know ...so I could just wake up and see a brand new ..just perfect stainless steel refrigerator sitting in the cabinet in our kitchen with all fairy dust ..sparkling fairy dust scattered all around it ...proof the fairy was there and all.  ;)

And now ...here I go ....AGAIN...

Then back to the carpet store.  Mr SeaSpray doesn't know I'm looking at carpets.  But ... ya can't blame a SeaSpray for just looking.  :)

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