Monday, April 22, 2013

Angel, 6th Sense or?

Last Thursday, I had wanted to drive down to Costco after an appointment, but had to go home first.   I also wanted to look at refrigerators in Sears.  That was the plan.  And I was totally on board with  said plan.

But when driving home ...I had the thought ..."Don't go down there today.  You're tired  ...go tomorrow."  However, I liked my original plan better.  Yet, when I got home ...I was dragging my heels  ...doing everything but go back out the door to shop.

So then finally after dinner, I decided to drive down there.  Then ...right as I rounded the corner to walk toward my car, I again had the thought, "Don't go down there tonight."  This time I had a kind of uneasy feeling, which I quickly overrode.

But then when  I got into the next town over, my thought was more insistent and foreboding feeling, "Don't go down there tonight."  Still ..I continued on the highway even though the foreboding felt even stronger and so I just turned into one of the local supermarkets.  Immediately ...there was this lighter feeling in me.  I was a bit frustrated because I aborted my plans for the night, but it just felt right.

I guess you could say I was getting a red light in my spirit versus the green light in my spirit I got when I decided not to go.  First off ...I'm not crazy and I don't hear voices.  But it really was like this other thought process that rose above my basic thought patterns.

Honestly ...that has happened to me only a few times in my life such a strong way.  Once ..on a rainy night, before I got to a well known turn at at the bottom of a decline in the roadway ..before I could see that area ...I heard the same thought pattern say, "Slow down.", and I did so immediately.  And that was a good thing because a car had pulled out from the a side road on my left, right into my path.  They  should not have because I was already too close too stop in time had I been driving at the original speed before the warning, especially because the roadway was wet.  I heard a similar voice the night I became pregnant with our first son. ..stating, "You are now pregnant." (There was a bit more, but I'll leave that off in this post.:)  I had been having difficulty conceiving.  I countered it with the thought, "WISHFUL thinking!", I guess because I was a little afraid to believe it.  I was indeed pregnant.

 And there have been other times.  A sad one (although not a voice - just strong thought), was the week my mom was declining, but the nursing home did not tell me.  I remember that Monday night, while walking past a framed picture of flowers she had given us ..having this strong feeling ...thinking it was guilt because I didn't call that day (there were reasons for my not calling) and also when I picked up a paper that pertained to her ...what I thought was guilt ..I realized was a foreboding. There were other things that week.  She died that Friday.  NOW ...I know don't ever ignore that feeling.  I was picking something up ...or maybe God was preparing me ..I don't know.  I think he was warning me and I missed it.  I always went to see her, including that Easter Sunday, but not the rest of that week until I got the call. 

But I digress.

The thing is ...I have no idea what would've happened if I did drive down there last Thursday.  Was I more tired than I realized I was?  Would something else negative have happened?  An accident?  What? I'm not sure.  But I do know the difference between that voice and my own.  Oh sure is my thoughts in my voice.  But imagine your normal thought patterns are like radio chatter, but then a news bulletin breaks in ..except this is more gentle ...although sometimes more urgent,  still above my own voice  process thought patterns.

Is it a 6th sense?  Is is an Angel angel?  Or is it some psychological fallout from all the violence that occurred earlier in the week?  I'm not afraid to go at all and I'm not normally afraid to do things.  Unless it is driving into Newark or New York.  I don't do city driving.  :)

So this time ...I don't know why it happened, but I do believe I was not meant to drive down there Thursday.  It could've been my subconscious saying're tired ..don't drive.  But really just seemed to be beyond me.

Besides ...we all know angels can whisper thoughts to us ...right?  :)

Anyway, I ended up spending over $100.00 for the groceries I bought in the local store.  And then I couldn't get all of them because I FORGOT my checkbook!  Fortunately, I had enough cash on me to cover most of the order.  And boy oh boy ...would I have been m-a-a-a-d at myself if I had gone to Costco, gotten the usual large order and then couldn't get most of it because I forgot my checkbook and they don't take my credit card. (Master Card - don't know why)  So that actually worked for the better right there.

But ...having said that ...I still think it was more of a safety warning for some reason.  Ha!  Otherwise the Angel, 6th sense or subconscious could've whispered, "Don't forget your CHECKBOOK."  :)

Other people must have these things happen.  I wonder how you can tell the difference between your own inner voice versus a spirit voice.  Actually ...I wonder how you can tell the difference between your inner voice, your spirit voice or an Angel/God voice ... in thought processes. And there is also this sensation in the center of my chest that goes along with it if it is a strong sense about what course to take.  It just depends on what the situation is.

And I am not at all saying that I think some voice is directing me 24/7.  It stands out because it is so rare.  Which I guess is a good thing, because it is in the important moments that you want to hear/experience it.

And most of us have our conscience and inner voice guiding us to make decisions.  That is the norm for me as well.  My point in this post is that I do think there are times that we get some extra guidance if we are receptive to it.  (I swear ...I'm not a nut. :)  I just don't limit God ...and I do believe that he communicates with us in various ways. And for whatever reason, I was not meant to follow through with my original plans on Thursday.  And I have not had that feeling ..or experience since then.

Some people are very superstitious ...or they rely on astrology, psychics, etc.  I never have anything to do with any of that and don't care to.  But ...I am open to God whispers and God winks ...believing he does communicate to us in various ways and yes ...sends his angels to work on our behalf.

  And I also think we should all pay attention to that 6th sense/gut feeling he gives to all of us.

Anyway ...that was my experience last Thursday.
I held back on posting this because of what happened up in Boston last week.  I was/am mindful that not everyone is protected from bad things.  Bad things do happen to good people that do not deserve what happened to them or to their loved ones.  And how often do we here people say, "Thank God we we're alright!", and yet someone else in the same experience was harmed?  Did God not care about them?  The answer is yes ...God does care about everyone.   I don't know why things happen as they do.  Some things we just can't understand on this side of heaven. 

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