Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bed Hair, Tax Time and Jewelery (2013 Tax Story - There's ALWAYS a Story)

So ...what does bed hair, tax time and jewelery have in common?

SeaSpray AVOIDANCE, of course!

And n-o-o-o ...I wasn't tearing at my hair and mushing it all over my head in abject frustration over how much I loathe doing taxes.  Wait ...I do like doing them once I have it all together and if it all goes smoothly.  But ...I haven't even sat down yet.  And I do have a lot together because I actually did start in January and then put it aside.  But there is always that feeling hanging over me that something could go wrong, be missing or whatever and here I am down to the wire ...again.  Every year at this time I both fantasize and vow to never wait so long again ...but history proves ...this is predictable.

I don't know why-y-y?

Anyway, I had actual bed hair.  You know when your hair is just messy and smushed all over your head on the back and sides ..and top ..not sure why on top ..but it was.  And n-o-o-o ...I didn't go back to bed under the covers to avoid doing said taxes ...although ...I'm not ruling that out either.

I had bed hair because I was spending a lot of time in various beds that day ...a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to AVOID the inevitable ...right?

I can hardly believe I am procrastinating on the taxes as I am this year - the WORST ever!  I planned on starting Wednesday when I got home from the burial mass, but instead opted to go to lunch ...which then led to mattress shopping.  Hence ...the bed hair.  A girlfriend and I had lunch and then spent 3 hours in one mattress store.  The 3 hours would be because I was like the princess and the pea ...looking for the j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t feeling mattress.  And also because of the laughter and then major political discussion with the sales person at the end.

The clerk just would not leave us alone ..which I prefer (to be alone) because I feel kind of shy lying down on beds in a store in front of some strange man staring down at me.  So I would only lie on my back for the longest time every bed I tried.  I asked my friend to lie down with me and help me test the mattresses. I asked her to be annoying in bed with moving - shaking her leg because I am pretty sure Mr SeaSpray has restless leg syndrome, because intermittently during the night he shakes his leg every 19 to 21 seconds.  Yes I got that irritated one night when he kept shaking me awake, that I counted how long it took him before the next one.  Sometimes I am so tired and will just doze off but then wake right up with shaking me.  Then I am just there and he does it again.  I KNOW I am not getting quality sleep.  He is sleeps blissfully, by the way.  So I needed her to be annoying with movements in bed so I could test how the mattresses absorbed said movement.

My friend decided she would just jump up and fall onto her side of the bed, which Mr SeaSpray does not do ...but it did help to demonstrate which mattresses suppress motion the best.  And so after a while, we warmed up to it all and were laughing and joking and even tested side positions. All while having this male store clerk stare down at us.  Okay he wasn't staring just felt like he had floodlights and was staring at us.   But he was continually at the bedside watching and interacting with us.  For THREE hours!  At one point ..after having been on and off a lot of beds ...I had the thought, "I think I have bed hair.", because I could see it sticking out and certainly could tell by how it was falling and sure enough it felt messy to the touch.  Obviously I was totally into really testing each bed.  :)  And then I looked at my friend and busted out laughing ... telling her, "YOU have BED hair!"  Her hair was all messy and flat, but mine was worse because it's longer and mine was even a bit tangled in back.  :)  It bothered her, but I actually didn't care at that point because I was a Seaspray on a mission at that point.  I had finally narrowed it down to TWO beds ...but I tell you ...I still could not make up my mind before we left.. 

And I think I was making the guy a bit crazy at that point because he wanted to make the sale.  Although, I do feel vindicated because when I got home, I watched a video on consumer reports in which the person in the video said that "Choosing a mattress is one of the most difficult items to shop for."  It is.

Then, somehow the conversation segued into this major political discussion.  Okay ..that was my doing, based on some comment he made.  (You don't ever want to make a political comment around me or it will lead to a discussion.)  But he was all on board and that lasted for quite awhile too.  The sky was getting so black I thought I heard a girl calling, "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!"   However, this political discussion trumped my concern about the storm and the black sky, thunder, lightening, heavy rain and winds were hardly noticed. (My friend was concerned tho, but I thought we were safer in the store anyway ..unless the glass blew in or roof came off - which I didn't think would happen.) The sales clerk and I had different perspectives.  But, we both learned a few things too.  Like ...I was right.  I'm always right.  There's only one right way - my way.  ;)  Okay - that is so not true ...but in SeaSpray's fantasy world it is.  :)  Seriously - it was an interesting discussion.  Maybe I will write about it sometime. I have a few hot button issues that cannot be brought up around me ..or I can't stay quiet.

He didn't get to seal the deal because I still wanted to comparison shop. 

He did do one thing I didn't appreciate.  Before we left, he indicated he could give me an additional reduction in price.  I asked how much and he said I had to come back to find that out.

 Um I don't

Telling me that has the reverse effect he intended.  I don't appreciate manipulation and playing games.  Either you have a good sale price ..or you don't.  I kept my thoughts to myself though.  His doing that did run the risk for my giving the sale to the person at another store.  Anyway ...I know it will be a Serta Mattress.  Ha!  I keep wanting to spell it Certa the breath mints.  :)

The Jewelery was my other tax time avoidance behavior.  I was all set to start the taxes Friday afternoon when I accidentally spilled jewelery cleaner all over the bathroom counter.  So it wouldn't go to waste, I used it to clean a lot of jewelery yesterday, then soaking it all in soapy ammonia water and then rinsing and buffing.  It took the entire afternoon and then I lost my mojo to do the taxes at all Friday and yesterday.  But my jewelery sure does sparkle.  :)
I ended up going back to the local store and purchased one of the mattress sets I picked out.  I'll write about my decision and mattress shopping in another post. Tax time and all ...even this post is more procrastination.

I'm so excited to be getting a new bed ...yipeeeee!  Delivery is set up for this Wednesday.  Double yippeeee!   YIPEEEE!  YIPEEEE!  And SLEEP ..back to quality sleep again.  From this keyboard to God's eyes ...I'm going to once again have quality sleep.  :) 

And clean, sparkling jewelery too?  What more can a SeaSpray aske for?

Oh ..right ...get the taxes done by the 15th.


I will.

Ummmm also occurs to me ...I am avoiding with writing this post.

And isn't it kind of funny the different things we find ourselves doing when we procrastinate.  Like all of a sudden ...the simplest ...most unimportant things become so important to focus on.  Oh those stove nobs need cleaning.  Or ...I think I'll organized the pens in the house ....or wash my curlers ...or .....or ....or .... and so on.

Suffice it to know that it is now Sunday night at 7:35 pm and I've yet to even put my paperwork on the table ..never mind sort and tally, etc. .. prep for entering into the online tax program, but I sure have done a whole lot of other inconsequential things things while in this major avoidance mode. 

I've said this before, but it would be funny if I could put up a map showing all my steps to everything I've been doing ...except said taxes in the Family Circus cartoons where you see the child's more circuitous route he used to go back home.

  C'est moi!  :)

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