Monday, April 29, 2013


I finally made a decision!

I'm off to Karl's!  The sales rep doesn't know yet that I am purchasing everything from him.  I've shopped around, prices were competitive except I can get dryer for 10.00 cheaper at Home Depot - but ..he'll drop down.  I finally made a decision.  I had to compromise.  The problem is I am limited with dimensions because of cabinet.  Refrigerators weren't so tall and wide when the kitchen was remodeled.  I love the cabinet and so removing it is not an option.  Plus there is a cabinet above it.

The compromise is that I'm going to have to settle for a fridge with one temperature control unit and every sales rep has admitted people have had problems with them.  Except for one rep who stated he had not seen problems.  No ..I am not getting the service contract either.  never do and even CR recommends not to.

So ..they close soon and need to go.  I am definitely going to try to wheel and deal him down ..just a bit.  I may get the range hood at sears if he can't bring the price down to be more competitive with theirs.

I also prefer to deal with a local dealer and also prefer to support local stores. 

I will say that the Sears rep Friday night was amazing and I feel a bit guilty for not going back to him, but I don't like their points system vs free delivery and pick up.  And I can see why he earned an employee of the month pin.  :)

I feel like I BIRTHED something.  Although I shouldn't get too excited until I seal the deal because there is always the chance something else will get my attention or deter me for some reason.

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