Friday, April 26, 2013

What Do Spiders, Spilled Cotttage Cheese and Refrigerators have in Common?

SeaSpray ...of course!  ;)

I am so gonna be dreaming in Spanish tonight!

 I'll explain later. I have to leave shortly to go down to best Buy and then Sears.

Okay ...I'll give you a hint about why I will be dreaming in Spanish:  Hips Don't Lie.  :)

So the other night, I had my arms loaded with groceries when I opened our outside door which point one of those HUGE, HAIRY, MUSCULAR SPIDERS that scare the heck out of me dropped right down on a spiderweb strand right in front of me up close and personal that it was practically touching the left side of my face and/or hair.  I screamed so loud that our dog began howling and barking inside and everything in me wanted to just swipe it away but I didn't want to drop the groceries, and the outside door was leaning against me and so I just screamed (once) and shook my head and hair.  I couldn't get in the house fast enough and had creepy freak out chills coursing through me.  Got my upper clothes off and immediately checked my hair in the bathroom mirror.  I never did see it again.  Ugh ...that unnerves me just typing about it.

Then ...while putting said groceries away, a container of cottage cheese fell out of the refrigerator, down onto the tile which point said cottage cheese shot out all over the floor but most of it landed right on top of my shoes which had this open weave on top ...which means it also went in between the weave.  Fortunately they are old shoes that I don't care about, but are so comfortable for my knees when I go shopping.

So ...if you happen to be appliance shopping tonight and smell cottage cheese might just be me standing near you.  ;)

Anyway ..back to the fridge.  Why oh why does this have to be so hard?  Oh wait ...I know ...because I am limiting myself to the freezer on top only and the stores push the French doors with freezer on the bottom or only French doors.  Now I happen to LOVE the French doors but if I did get them the inside would be too small because it has to fit inside a built in cabinet ..thus be no more than 33" wide and no more than 66 1/4 high and even the appliance store man said that the freezer would be too narrow to fit a big turkey.

And in his entire store the only fridge he could sell me in stainless steal had to be ordered.  But then I can't do my magnet test.  Not all stainless fridges hold magnets (has to do with the depth of the stainless steal and he couldn't tell in the manual) and anyone with children in their lives just KNOWS that the refrigerator was REALLY designed to hold all the artwork that children make and report cards.  :) We have a lot of cabinets in our kitchen which is great ..but no room for a bulletin board.  Besides ..the fridge is the covered place to see an artwork display because everyone sees it there.

The other sacrifice I will have to make if I buy one from the appliance store is that it only has one temperature control and I've read there are problems with those.  Also ...and this bothers me ...they have a sign up on the counter telling people that one in four appliances will need repair in a short amount of years - I forget how many ..or was it 3 out of four?  That really irks me and I know it is to sell the appliance insurance ...which I never get.  But ...I have also been reading a lot of comments about all brands in which new appliances have needed repair.  This could be a whole other post.

There was an electric dryer I liked in  the store.  It doesn't have all the fancy buttons the more expensive ones have, but you don't miss what you never had. Besides, I know it will better than what ours is and definitely more energy efficient for sure.  Our dryer is a Kenmore that is still working ...since 1991. It definitely doesn't owe us anything.

So ...if I was willing to get a freezer on the bottom model, have a smaller interior so that a French door model could fit in cabinet, or get a model with one thermostat for both the freezer and fridge - I would have an easier time shopping.  Also the stainless steel is limiting me in the Freezer on top.  Oh and that I don't want a small interior - yet it has to fit into the cabinet.  And the other thing - I am trying to get the better brands.  Like everyone - I want the most quality for the least amount of money.

I WILL pick out something tonight.

And now ...I OFF

Adiós!  :)

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