Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Figure 19.  Stent fracture in a patient with exstrophy of the bladder. A stent was placed at the time of urinary reconstruction. Conventional radiograph obtained after attempted removal 10 weeks later demonstrates fracture of the midshaft of the stent. The proximal portion of the stent was removed percutaneously.

Fortunately the patient was under anesthesia and didn't feel that.   But, it doesn't look good.  I wonder if it hurt the reconstruction?  Oh ..and I have no idea how this site with stent pictures popped up in a window at the top, because I haven't looked at anything pertaining to urology. 

Okay - it was in with a group of pictures ...one a joke in my blog.  Still ...I don't know why it popped up.  Poltergeist? ;)

By the way... April 25th will be TWENTY FIVE months post ureteral stent removal.  :)

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