Monday, April 1, 2013

Perfect for April Fool's Day! :)

 This would be fun to bring to the doctor.

Except, I would place the "stool" sample in a Ziploc bag, dated and with my name on it.  Ha ha ha ha!

Actually - it would be fun to bring this sample to my urologist.  O-r-r-r about giving it to a  neurologist, a podiatrist, or even a pulmonologist.  And ...well get the picture.  Bring this stool sample to any doctor who does not require patients to bring in stool samples  Even better ...bring it to the DENTIST.  LOL!  Yes ...especially the dentist. Heck!  You could even bring it to friends.  LOL!

Have this little "stool" sample with you in your purse or pocket.  Then when face to face, with good eye contact and a straight face ...state in an assertive, yet helpful tone that you brought your stool sample for them.   You know ...say it like you're efficient ...and proud to be of help to them because you are giving them what they require from you.  Appreciate their puzzled ...taken aback ...possibly disturbed expression, for a second  ..then pretend to be rummaging for it.  Okay ...maybe you can't rummage too much in a pocket ...but in a purse you can have a little fun with it.  Or you can pretend you have it in a food snack bag and just have to pull it out for them.  Pretend you don't hear any of their protestations or questions, because you are obviously preoccupied with finding the "stool" sample for them, so cheerfully let them know you will have it for them any second now.

Then exclaim, "Oh HERE it is!", at which point you pull the sample out and with a big smile ...attempt to give it to them. :)

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