Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today's been a feel good day.  Today was a pretty spring day ...the kind where you feel hopeful of things to come and you also get all these great outdoor ideas for fun and work projects.  It could be just a bit warmer and would be perfect.  Then I'll whine when the humidity and high temps arrive, although we will be able to swim.  At least there is that trade off.

Anyway ...I am headed out to a local appliance store a few towns over to pick out (I hope) a refrigerator and then head down to Costco.  This is a good time of day for me to go to Costco because I kill 2 birds with one stone - I avoid all the free food samples and I don't have to drive home in rush hour traffic.  :)

The refrigerator shopping hasn't been as easy as I had hoped.  This is because I signed up for Consumer Reports on line and so I know what I don't want ...which narrows it down since I only want the freezer on top model like we all grew up with and the French  door (F-R-E-N-C-H - I LOVE ANYTHING FRENCH :)and or bottom drawer models.

I loathe the bottom door models - never liked them even before I read about the negatives.  I DO love the French door all the way down, but they are more money than I am prepared to spend.  Also it has to fit into a built in cabinet.  I can get a large size, but not as large as I would want if I had that model.  And according to CR ..freezer on top models have the most room.  Stainless steal and I DON'T want a fridge with one temp control for top and bottom as people are having problems with them.

Also is discouraging reading customer reviews on all brands, because it seems NEW refrigerators have problems.  It used to be you bought something and it was good for 16 years.  A guy in Home Depot recently told me the cheaper models are designed to break down in 7 yrs.  I hope that isn't true, but if they can't get it right ...right out of the factory ..maybe it is true.

Anyway closes at 7. - Gotta go.  All I want to do tonight is for sales rep to take me to exactly what I want.  Then I will still compare between sears and Best Buy.  I've ruled out Home Depot.  Notebook in hand ..I'm off!  :)

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