Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unusual Encounter at the Counter and Update and a PS

The following was son's experience earlier tonight.

*ringing up this one lady*

Lady: "ya know the last man I hit is dead now."

Me: "alright."
 This was funny on the surface.  Okay is funny, but as I ponder this, I'm also thinking what kind of woman says that to a stranger - so randomly? 

I'm picturing an elderly woman with dementia, an alcoholic of varying ages, a female with anger management issues, a shouldn't be walking the streets psychiatric patient, a gang member, or maybe a recently released prison inmate.

I can't help but wonder what was going on with her and what she looked like.

 Why would she say such a thing to a pleasant young man who is helping her?

 Not exactly normal.

I did wonder if she had sadness and pain in her eyes, a blank stare or a crazed look about her.  

Sadly, in our increasingly violent society ...we should be more mindful of the people around us when we are out and about, especially if their behavior seems questionable.

And even though our son is more than capable of taking care of himself ...I feel the TIGRESS Mom  rising up within me.  I guess that never goes away matter how old our kids are.

I'm definitely getting the story on this encounter.

Update: It was just an elderly woman buying a bottle of Vodka.  

PS - In the past ...I only would've laughed at that.  And wondered about her.  That's all.  I think it is so sad that because of all the recent violence we hear about, that it really did cause me to think about how we need to be aware of people's behaviors and our surroundings.  I rarely ever thought about life this way. 

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