Monday, May 20, 2013

About This Monday in May

First - I was completely cleared in my head to toe exam.  YAY!  And for all the shyness and nerves I spoke of in last night's post ...I actually got into it ...even offering up the secret place and another suggestion.  We discussed some other things and even had some simple things done.  I LOVE that feeling when you are cleared medically and get past the dread of the exam!!!!

So ...tomorrow ...I WILL schedule some other appointments I have been avoiding.  Absolutely ...positively ...I am going to schedule 2 more important appointments.  And after I got home today I also called the urology office to get the paperwork for my upcoming lasix renal scan to be scheduled.

Friday ...may 17th was 26 months post ureteral stent removal, sans relapse.  Double Yay!! YAY!!

Gosh was gorgeous!  I drove with roof and all windows open ...effectively pulling all bouncy body out of my hair (the whole point of rollers), but I don't care - it felt sooo GOOD!  I had clear sailing up a dual lane highway ...traffic lights smiling down at me as they all allowed me through.  Music on - exhilarating ... and so free feeling.  I even managed to avoid political shows and enjoyed the music. 

Fortunately, I remembered the cop that was around the last bend before getting into Stockholm.  I wasn't speeding ..well I was 5 miles over.  I think you have to be 10 miles over before they pull you over.  Open roads are such fun to drive on on beautiful days.

So there I was enjoying the music and as I was coming down the mountain ...singing Free Falling with all my heart ...totally into it ...moving to the music ...even when I had to stop when I hit the backed up traffic going into town.  I did turn the music ...just a bit and continued singing ...and then I looked to my left.  Ohhh NO!  I forgot about the traffic sitting directly opposite me, waiting to turn onto the highway and the man in the truck was grinning big time at me!!!  If I could've slunk down under the dash and still driven I would have.  Not an option tho.  So, instead I kept singing ...but not loud at all and definitely not as enthusiastically.  *sigh*  Thank God it was a stranger!

I did this last spring to.  I don't recall if I wrote about it.  I was coming back from Hackettstown, late in the afternoon on a gorgeous day.  the drive from there is really pretty and again ...there I was windows open, hair flying, music loud and I was singing, I Can't Get No Satisfaction ...again with all my heart ...even through the little part of Andover in which traffic slows and I could be easily heard singing.  Except this time I didn't realize it until I was past that area.

Oh well ...I think most of us have fun singing in the car at some point.  I just don't have a great singinng voice, but I forget about it when I'm driving.  :)

And on that note (pun intended), I'm headed out to Costco and yes windows down ...but mindful of where I am if singing.  :)  I am hoping my charms work on the front desk lady because I have to return this hideous electric tooth brush without a receipt.  I will be upset if they don't take it back.  I have one more place to look.  I only used the darn thing twice and felt like I should check for fillings still being in tact.  It was like a road crew was working in my mouth.  And I will do a post on this awful product.  maybe some people like it but I would n-e-v-e-r recommend it.  And I have this major C-R-A-V-I-N-G for their large bowl of fruit salad ...among some other things.

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