Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beep! Beep! :)

This cartoon reminds me of a couple of hospital stays I had.  No ..I don't look like Road Runner.  And I don't go off running from 0 to 60 in a second.  Nor do I run around yelling "Beep!  Beep!"   now ...THAT ...would be interesting.  :)  But I could've been nicknamed Road Runner a couple of times while in the hospital after surgery.  That is because the only place they could get the IV in was in my right hand and another time in my right arm ...and I'm a righty.  I began feeling guilty for setting monitor off so much because I'd forget and use my right hand not even realizing I did until I herd the beeping.  So I began shutting it off myself ...until one nurse ...understandably ...told me, "You can't do that."  But that was around 5 years ago at least.  Now, I wouldn't be surprised if with all the increased financial challenges ...along with more face time ..vis-a-vis with the computer, providers now have patient self care training videos in their rooms so they can do some of the nursing care themselves.  Just saying.  ;)

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