Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't ever ...

Frontier Thai Seasoning

take the top off a jar of Thai seasoning and INHALE with your nose close to the jar.  WHOA!

Not unless you want to cough, experience a burning nasal passage, sniffle, sneeze and cough and sniffle some more.

Shortly, we're having Thai seasoned chicken, long grain rice and stir fried vegetables with that much desired large Costco bowl of fresh fruit for dessert.

I often make my own fruit salad, but this time of year you don't always know how sweet the fruit will be.  I cannot stand when you buy fruit and when it softens never has any good flavor.  However, I did get some delicious white peaches at Weis the other night.  It is so hot now that tomorrow I am going to make those fresh fruit Popsicles I posted a few posts down.

Anyway nasal passages ARE exceptionally CLEAR right now ...even though still burning.  This too shall pass.

There's always a trade off, I tell you.  ;)

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