Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ever Do This? :)

I can relate.

Well not that I ever hoisted one leg up on a tree to tinkle ...with an audience watching.  Well I never did that ever.  Although ...there is a way to use a tree for female tinkling.  It's a good way to keep yourself from getting poison ivy in the south of the border ...ahem ... regions.  Well never mind that.  Just saying.

We women are familiar with long lines for a restroom at intermission times ...or holiday shopping, and other events. This is because women take forever in a restroom. AND because we never go alone.  It doesn't matter if the other woman doesn't have to go - we go in pairs ...or more.  Heck ...we'd recruit a stranger to join us.  ;)  Weed out the non tinklers, and the lines would be greatly reduced.

Men definitely have a leg up on us with this.  (Pun intended. ;)

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