Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday AngelGirls :)

Photo: I'd like to wish our granddaughter, Wrenna Mae DePue, a Very Happy Birthday today!!  Starting her 4th year...and making the most of every day!! We all Love you Wrenna!!

This was put together by our d-i-l's mom, Peggy. 

We celebrated both girls birthdays today, since Dev's birthday was Friday and Wren's today.  It was a fun day had by all.  Good company, good food and lots of presents to open.  I had just set the cake, cupcakes and brownies out on the table.  Devan decided to torture me by taking a gazillion super close pictures of me  ..all in fast succession.  I made some faces too. We laughed at them, she threatened  FB and I begged her NOT to put on FB. *Mental note made ...if you don't want goofy pictures of you on FB... DON'T make GOOFY faces. So we were busy laughing over the pictures and her sheer enjoyment at taunting me with them.  Hmmm seems the teasing apple doesn't fall far from this tree ....even 2 generations out.  :) But then ...I happened to look down at the table and exclaimed, "N-O-O-O!  You can't D-O-O-O THAT!"  At which point the two little ones (Wren 4 and Myles 2), looked up at me ...surprised at my reaction ...but not quite ready to stop what they were doing.  Unbeknownst to us, the little critters had both sat themselves down right in front of the desert.  Wren had plunged her hand into the middle of the ice cream cake and Myles had plunged both hands into the heavily chocolate frosted cupcakes.  Both had the evidence (the ice cream and the icing, all across their faces and all over their fingers, which they continued to lick.  Fortunately most of it was in tact.  We lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday.  And Faith our dog sang  (howled) right along with us..  That is her new thing now ...she sings happy Birthday with us - through the entire song now.  Isn't that a riot?!  :)  I should get that on YouTube.  :) 

At one point, after everyone had been eating their birthday dessert, I looked across at Myles and he was in total bliss with chocolate icing in both hands and a mustache - beard of chocolate on his face.  :)


Then just before they left, I shocked everyone with spraying a can of silly string at the kids and adult kids too.  Remember that stuff?  The kids had never seen it before and thought it was hilarious.  They were squealing with delight.  Especially after younger son got it away from me and then ...war on.  He really got me good - covering me in silly string - especially my hair and even inside the front of my dress. The more I screamed trying to get away, the harder they laughed and the louder the dog barked.  Thankfully it came out.  And of course I tried throwing it back at them.  And I walked with them outside and as I was hugging out older son good bye, I tried getting it to stick to his back but it wouldn't.  :)

Also, every time they leave ...they continually holler out "Bye-e-e-e-e!  Love you, Bye! Bye! Bye!  I blow kisses and they blow them back and then I catch theirs.  It is this whole routine every time they leave.  And they holler B-y-e-e-e until out of sight.  SOOOOO cute!

Oh and when cleaning up after everyone had left, I discovered that the chair Myles had been sitting in had been completely chocolified.  Ha ha!  he had the seat and back of the wooden chair covered in dried chocolate icing.  Nothing some warm soapy water couldn't take off. 

I'm glad I caught that or someone may've ended up with chocolate pants at a most inconvenient time. 

Happy Birthday sweet AngelGirls.  :)

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