Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mom :)

Photo: Hi Mom.  We love you and miss you so MUCH!  You're always in my heart, but especially so today.  I know you are happy, healthy and even younger in heaven ...enjoying being in the presence of God and being with family and friends... and making new ones.  Oh and angels get to see angels.  They must be magnificent. And the perfect beauty all around you must be spectacular beyond words.  I have so many questions I'd love to ask about your heaven experiences.  I wonder where you live and who you see ..what you do. ? Tell everyone else I love and miss them too ...please.  I have so many things that I wish I could tell you ..or have discussions on politics, world events, and get your opinion on so many things.  Even when we disagreed because as you often said - we were like oil and water - different ..but loved each other deeply. I miss your laughter ...and your teasing tickles when least expected. I miss your excessively taped presents ..taped as if you had stock in Scotch tape.  :)  I miss playing scrabble.  I miss watching you do a crossword puzzle.  I miss hearing family stories and I wish I remembered more of them.   And just yesterday I told Chris (he agreed) how much you would love our newest dog, Faith.  She'd be crazy about you too.  I imagine you in heaven with all the animals you loved, and especially your cat ...sweet Peachy.  When we took him in, I was so concerned that he would be afraid of our German Shepherd.  But HE put Bob his place and he you would say, "Ruled the roost.", and Bob was afraid of HIM ..a cat.  :)  I miss how your pretty teal eyes would light up when you were excited about something.  I miss you for so many reasons.  I loved how you always wore red lipstick, red nail polish and teal eye shadow - it looked so pretty on you.

Oh and Jim is planting a large garden this year.  I always loved how he grew the yellow squash and the yellow low acid tomatoes for you and how much you loved getting them, as well as the other vegetables.  The corn is already coming up.  Wrenna (will be 4 this month), wants him to grow a beanstalk like in Jack and the Beanstalk and so he is going to grow some pole beans for her.  You never know... ;)

Most people don't know this about you ...because you were always so private, but I really respected and admired how you helped so many people in your apartment building during the years you lived there.  You were a blessing to them.  But ..even when I was a young girl, you were always helping someone whenever they needed help - no questions asked, nothing wanted in return and you'd even give out of your own need.  And you never one time ..not once that I can recall ...complained about what you didn't have.

I miss how you called me Patty.  And I miss our phone playing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", whenever you called.

Thank you for all you did for me over the years, Mom. Especially ...thank you for encouraging me in my Faith in God and Jesus ...for seeing to it that I grew in Faith when I was a little girl.  You saw to it that the seeds of faith were planted.  It has brought insight, joy and peace. Oh sure ...I can still get sqirrelly if anxious about something - but just imagine if I didn't have faith. ;)  It helped me make mostly right decisions at a time in my life I could've easily strayed because of the challenging times we had to go through.  And no doubt ...I gave you some some gray hair and kept my guardian angel busy - but I never strayed far off track because of those values instilled in me. And my faith also carried me through difficult times.  And has given hope this life... and for the next.  Thank you for that.  Is there any more important lesson?

 You would've enjoyed today.  We celebrated Mother's Day over at Mom DePue's ...with Mom D and Aunt Margie.  The kids, Jonathan, Peggy and Chris and grandchildren were there too.  I know you'd be so proud of your adult grandchildren and just thrilled with all your great grandchildren.  Devan is is such a sweet girl and you'd enjoy talking with her and be so proud of her.  She's still an avid reader too.  And the Wee ones, Wrenna and Myles doubt would have you laughing with their antics and extreme cuteness ...not to mention cuddles.  The food was delicious.  We had our first cook out of the year ...although chilly out.  And the flowers are all so pretty.  Of course we would've given you your beloved Tabu.  It was a fun day for all.  :)

I wrote this as if you can't see any of this, but I'm reminded of the scripture that talks about a cloud of witnesses.  I recall Billy Graham stating once that he thought the cloud of witnesses were our loved ones in heaven, that God allows to see us during special events.  So probably know all of this... and that thought warms my heart.  But if not ...I trust that this will get to you in some way.  Angel mail?  ;)

With all my heart ...I wish I could again look into your pretty eyes and tell you , "I love you Mommy", then give you just one more ...long ....close ...HUG we'll never let go ... and I wouldn't want to.  

Happy Mother's day, Mom.  :)

Below is a picture of my Mom, Ruby - I think in her late twenties - early thirties.  

Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's.  I hope your day was special.  :)

 This is a picture of my Mom, Ruby.  I think she was in her twenties or maybe thirty when this was taken.

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