Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Made a Decision - Miracles DO Happen! ;)

Ice Delivery Cart

I was about ready to just get a big ice block and an old fashioned icebox ..I tell you.

I can't believe I am AGAIN going out tonight to BUY (this IS it) the refrigerator and that I am still blogging about it. I ended up going down to Sears last night, and really do like the sales rep I had as he was so helpful.  He e-mailed me 3 that I honed in on so I could read reviews at home.  Although he also let me use the store computer and I read some in his presence and we discussed some things.

He was so attentive last week and last night ...just terrific that I asked him if I can give out his name and store location on line in my blog and on facebook. He was happy about that.  So ...I will be steering everyone to him.

I did speak with the man at Karls again and didn't appreciate his flippant attitude (Don't buy it then!) when I expressed some concern based on on line reviews I had read on the model I thought I had settled on.  What I needed from him was to counter those opinions based on his customer experience and be willing to look for additional models that would fit into the area I had described.  So much for supporting a local business.  And in all fairness ...maybe that really was all he could find that their store chain had.  Odd though, since even I could find other models on line.  Not meant to be.  It's been a frustrating process for me for sure.  And I can appreciate that some sales reps probably get annoyed when customers bring up the negatives they read on line.  Oh well.  I also hope it is that most units do work well and and on line reviews are only about the few that don't.

I like this sears guy so much that if we get a dryer ..I would like to also get it from him ...but of course money determines it int he end.  I don't know if it is only Home Depot ...but May is Maytag month and they are also offering an additional 10% off. That being said ...sears guy states he will match do other dealers.  I do wonder if companies make different qualities for the different companies they sell to and I will discuss a negative purchase experience from Home Depot in the future.  Suffice it to know that I will never again buy any doors from Home Depot and will pay the extra money elsewhere.

Anyway ...I know's just a refrigerator!  If it weren't for all the reviews ...I would've just gone in and bought a refrigerator as easily as I have in the past.  I will be getting a good amount of space - definitely better than the French door type that would have to fit into our cabinet space.  I do love the French doors - not the trunk on bottom though.  I like it a bit more but still if I had a choice ..I'd go for the side by side style.   And I got all excited when I saw they had one that would fit the dimensions I needed, but then was really disappointed I could never get a big ol frozen turkey in there. I already knew that ...but hope springs eternal  ...what if?

The one I am most likely choosing is a Kenmore and we have a Kenmore that is still running from 1996.  I like that their side door containers/shelving seems more sturdy than the clear plastic. Also I am keeping a couple from our existing fridge if  can fit/be added.  I think I like the idea of a meat drawer not all the way across now because everything I've read seems to say they keep falling off track if filled completely (in different brands), but I also like that it is still wider than our current one.

I do not like that most of the freezer top models don't have a freezer light.  What's up with that???

But we have two lights over each side of our sink which is across from the fridge and also a small wrought iron candelabra with 4 lights in center of work area of kitchen and so light will shine into the freezer.  Still ..I wold prefer a light in there. I read one comment in which a man said he liked everything about this unit except that he had to keep a penlight flashlight in the freezer for when he needed to find food.  That is just crazy.  C'mon ..designers CAN do better than this!

The truly bothersome thing is that every top freezer unit I looked at has only one temp control for both top and bottom of the refrigerator and there are many comments stating the center lower portion freezes food while the freezer doesn't get cold enough.  WHAT is wrong with designers and manufacturers today?  With today's modern technology this should not be an issue at all.  Also ..even in the fancier models ...I read about broken plastic parts and multiple needs for repairs on new items.  WHY?  It's not right.  And as a consumer ...I would rather pay a bit more for better quality.  I would've paid more than what I will be paying.  That being said will be a better deal then I got in 1996 because he is waiving the 69.00 shipping and I will earn up to 70 points (a store certificate worth 70 cents on the dollar) to apply to another purchase. And because top freezer models are comparatively much cheaper than the newer styles.  And again ..if only they didn't make them all so tall ...I would've gone for the French door type with a quality trunk (if I could have the better pull out drawers on top).  They really should consider that some people have to fit these appliances into previously designed cabinet areas when the refrigerators weren't 67 inches and taller.. We have to fit it into a h- 66 1/4 and w- 33 3/4.  Depth doesn't matter.

Also ...Sears will be having a 15% off Mother's day sale starting Sunday and so if they don't jack up the price before reducing it ...I can go back in Sunday night and get the additional 15% off ..which would certainly be worth the trip down ...AGAIN.  :)

After all this research, I think *I* could sell refrigerators in any store.  :)

Well ...I'm off to the races again.  I should be able to just seal the deal and get to Costco for some things I didn't get last week.  Now that's a plan.

Next post will be something funny ...says me.  :)

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