Friday, June 14, 2013

Diaperless Surprise and Stuff

I'm laughing about it NOW ...but I sure was NOT laughing at lunchtime today.

I had the grandchildren today and the younger one needed his diaper changed.  So, I went to go get the diaper bag.  But unbeknownst to me, he had other ideas and decided to follow me.  I was in another room when I heard his sister running in my direction screaming "POOPIES!"  I rushed back out with the bag, only to meet Grandson in the kitchen ...SANS messy diaper ...which I could see was on the floor at the other end of the kitchen.  And he ...well suffice it to know that I held on to him ..telling him, "DON'T Move!", while hollering for younger son to get everything I needed.  It was quite the PROJECT!  Then he still had to be cleaned up more while on the diaper pad and of course he got a shower and a bath.  Then his sister wanted a bath too and since he was already cleaned in the shower I let her join him tub.  Done with all that, I got them dried and dressed.  I cleaned the tub ..even though I only did it a few days ago. And washed his clothes.

But when I walked into the family room, I saw that Wren ...even though explicitly told she is NOT to ever touch the Longaberger game basket ...had taken everything out and pieces of games, cards, puzzles and other items were strewn everywhere.  And some things were missing and I still haven't found them. Hopefully, our dog didn't EAT them.  Oh ...and she ..the dog ...also thinks she is a kid and I have 3 children to take care of - counting the dog.  She is in the middle of everything with them and wants all the attention I give them.  And today ..right after I got Myles dressed again and all nice and clean ...she went right up to him and licked his mouth.  Planted a big kiss right across his mouth! I don't know why since he hadn't even been eating yet.  I mean when they eat ...if she could she would lick them clean instead of my washing them off.  So ...back over to the sink to wash his mouth.

I'm not complaining at all.  Okay the diaper incident - yes.  But ...I feel very blessed to be able to take care of these little ones.  But it sure was a family circus here for awhile.  :)

So ...what's up with all the rain?  Well least the garden is well watered.  I just hope we don't need an ark to navigate around the vegetables tomorrow.  ;)

It is supposed to be sunny all day Saturday and so hopefully we will get some pool time in.  I can't believe it is June 13th, the pool is open and none of us have gone in yet.  It just seems either we are busy or the weather is not cooperating. It has been unseasonably cool ..even cold at times, with just a few hot days. 

My knees are slightly better than they were earlier this week and so now I am thinking that I must've done something - strained them in some way on Sunday when I was outside.  Because on Monday and Tuesday, I was so very discouraged about extreme knee pain ...with almost every step I took ... I had knife like, jabbing pain with every shift of my knees (brought tears to my eyes), exacerbated when weight bearing and with an undercurrent of aching.  At least the normal pain now feels more manageable by comparison.

And now it's time for bed.  I'm hungry though.  Of course it is psychological when I feel thirsty (even though I just finished drinking over a quart of water the hour before midnight) when I have to be NPO for a procedure the next day.  I just have to be fasting for lab work in the morning.  The worst part though not being able to drink coffee.  This too shall pass. :)

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