Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Having a *35* Moment - Birthday Post :)

Happy Birthday

Your friends at Favorite Dentistofalltime Family Dental wish you a very happy birthday. We hope that you have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you again soon.
See you soon,

I think this is a great idea!  Obviously it's just a PR thing ..but I still think it's a great idea to help your patients feel connected to you ...and/or appreciated.  It evoked a smile and positive feelings in me when I opened the email.

 Mission accomplished.


So ...ask me how old I am.

"How old are you?", you ask.


I get to say that until 4:42 this afternoon.  :)

I think I'm having a 35 moment.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

Well  ...it seems many people make a big negative fuss about being 30.  Except my Aunt Janet.  When I was a teenager, she told me that 30 was a fun age because you finally come into yourself.  You're more mature, know more ..don't care so much what others think and feel more self confident.  She made it sound like 30 was when life really begins.

 But other people seemed to dread the big 3 - 0.

Well ...there were some challenges in my personal life when I was 30, but I think 30 was one of the best years in my life.  Thirty-schmirty - the number never scared me. Oh and I got a brand new blue T-Bird that year.  I LOVED that car.  Blue exterior and interior shades of blue ..which I also LOVED, since blue is my favorite color.  And my 1971 used challenger I got in 1974 was my other favorite car.  I still love the lines on that car - so sporty.  Green wasn't a favorite color for a car ..although I did like the white roof.  My two favorite cars.  I think the Challenger was sportier.  People said I looked like the Dodge Girl driving the Challenger.  Bygone days ...  :) 

Anyway ...turning 35 ...must've affected me in some way, because while our older son was in school and our younger one was napping during late morning ...I sat at the kitchen table with my back to the window ...and began writing about being 35Thirty five was the number that caused me to contemplate life, my age and my future that morning.

So ...while 35 was a profound birthday age for me ...the years after were uneventful on my birthday radar.  Speed forward to 50.  Nothing.  50 didn't bother me at all.  Pretty much ...my fifties haven't mattered either.  I actually liked the number 55.  My friend Marian called it the double nickle club.  :)

Five is my favorite number.  So ...I am really good with all the fifties.  I don't like sixes though.  Reminds me of the Anti-Christ number.  So ...I will just have to embrace the accompanying numbers during my 60s decade.  Seventy will be good again because I like 7s.  Eighties ...also good.  I'm neutral with 9s.  And I prefer angular numbers over rounded ones.  So ...when I hit the 100s, the rounded numbers will outnumber the angular  #1, but that's okay because the 100s are just cool - such an elite club to be a part of.  :)

Again I digress.  :)

ANYWAY ... 58 ..feels a little weird.  Actually ..I like both numbers because  5 = grace and 8= new beginnings.  So During this new birthday year, I would like to have the grace to face, get through the things I need to do for myself ...so that I can go off  into some positive new beginnings.

My readers that have followed me know that I've been through quite the urological journey since 2006.  And I've also lost some people dear to my heart ..among some other things.   Actually ...having so many people die ...has also affected me profoundly.  And I imagine it does most people.  And I still have not returned back to work.  At first, I was afraid the other urological relapse shoe would drop and it did and I did not want to go out on a new employer.  However, I'm now, 28 months (as of yesterday - June 17th), post stent removal without a relapse ...I will have absolutely no problem doing an interview because I won't feel like I'm hiding something because I do believe I am healed - permanently ureterally healed.  (I know ureterally is not a word - but I like it)  Ureterally healed ... 'Tis a good thing.  :)

I have been having difficulty with my knees and have been told I am a candidate for bilateral knee replacements. Of course ..you KNOW ...I don't want to do this. And I really have never connected myself to my age - meaning it really is just a number and I believe the essence of who I am transcends age.  Your as old as you act.  I've seen people in their thirties look and act old.  Conversely ...I've seen elderly people seem younger than they are.   Barring a physical illness and/or disability, I strongly believe one's attitude and activity level determines how quickly we age.  And to me as a person of faith ...I also believe faith breathes life into us ...into our spirit ...also affecting attitude. Unfortunately ... I have been feeling older because I have been so discouraged by the knee pain and how it has limited me.  I still pray for a healing miracle, but whereas I was uncomfortable being stented - I knew it would pass and I was ever hopeful I would be permanently healed.  And it seems I was.  But ..the knee pain is pushing me into doing something soon.  I'm thinking early fall.

Turning 58 ...is my 35 moment.  A reflective birthday year for me.

And I like the idea that 58 will be my grace with new beginnings birthday year.  :)

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