Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Summer Projects

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You can see a better picture of what this pretty shelf liner looks like on Bunny's blog.   She shows you the before and after on her shelves.  She did a great job.  :)   I not only wrapped it over the front, but also under the shelf so this pretty liner could also be seen underneath on the higher shelves.

I've been doing projects around the house and one of them is relining kitchen cabinets and some drawers.  I was THRILLED when I saw this liner in Walmart.  I LOVE this design and color and really dresses up the shelves.  So country too.  :)  And it is thick with a grip bottom.  You can even put in dishwasher.  I wont tho because I tacked it into wood.

Then even though I will line silverware drawers ..I like to use paper towels as a liner under the open utensil holders.  I blogged about it once before.  I bought metal dividers in Target some yrs back and filled the large drawer with them. This way there is more order.  And over time crumbs, etc., drop down (how ...I don't know), and then all I have to do is lift the dividers up and remove the paper towels underneath.  VOILA!   Just wash the little divider trays, but no wiping down anything unless there was a spill.  Just replace the paper towels.  Admittedly not as pretty as liner but really saves time and is much easier.

Anyway ...I still have to line the shelves on the cabinet that comes out into the kitchen.  But that is a big job because I have to empty it all.  It's time it was organized anyway.  And have to weed some things out.  The cabinet is double sided and on the table side I'd like to replace the 4 plastic windows (gold) with a glass or something different, but have to find someone that can cut them.

I was also impressed with the amount of liner on each roll.

I just love the color and pattern.  It looks nice with the wooden cabinets and butternut walls, goes nicely with my paprika and cream and blue Longaberger dishes.  Oh and the little burgundy lampshades on the candelabra over the table.  Although for summer I am going to replace those dark lampshades with a lighter fabric - pastel or white.

I also want to get lined country curtains similar to that liner, but they are a bit pricey.  So ..I'm not rushing on that.  And I've decided that I want to paint our front doors exactly that deep red in the liner and I think will look good with the brick, etc.

I love summer, but there is definitely double the work because you have to do outside and inside.  But it also inspires me.  there isn't enough time in the day to do it all.

And swim.  :)

The pool is almost open for swimming.  Just have to drop the stairs in.  But they are heavy and so our son does that so he can go underwater with the heavy bags of sand to anchor them.  Need to vacuum one more time and for the chlorine to diminish somewhat. But ..soon ..maybe even tomorrow.  YAY!  :)

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