Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Talk and Pursuing Surgical Consult, etc.


Oh my GOSH!  I am finally cooling off and I've been home in /a/c for the last hour!  I was out scouting out the location of a new doctor (orthopedic) I will be seeing on Thursday afternoon.  I am so EAGER to see this doctor that I will be there with bells on.  Really.  Jingly bells on my flip flops.  ;)  Turns out it is right in the same building as another medical facility I've used and probably will be prior to any knee surgery.  I will write about that stellar medical facility sometime.  Pretty drive over too.

But then when leaving I noticed a garden center across the street.  PERFECT!  I still need some herbs, flowers ...and if lucky maybe I'll even find a hanging fuschia plant ...with pink and purple flowers.  (I LOVE them and have happy barbecue and other summer memories of them hanging on my aunt and uncle's back patio - so pretty. )The sun was beating down.  I had a maxi dress on which is actually cooler than pants, although the fabric was warm.  I was melting in the sun that was beating down ...although most grateful for the warm breeze that was blowing every so often.

She had one fuschia left, but stated that it wasn't in good shape.  I asked what they charge and she said 24.00.  I wouldn't have spent 24.oo on even the prettiest hanging basket.  And I have to say their hanging baskets are exquisite. I imagine they would be quite pretty on a front porch.

I asked to see it anyway.  She said she would give it to me half price.  Frankly, I thought that while it wasn't blooming as prolifically as their other flowered hanging baskets, the leaves looked healthy, there were a few blooms and it appeared more would be blooming and the overall shape of the hanging branches/leaves looked good.  But the basket was broken.. I asked if she had another.  Turned out that she re-potted it in a prettier hanging basket - white which I prefer over the clay color and offered it to me for 8.00.  SOLD!  She said it is damaged.  But I figure it just needs a loving home and some TLC.  I am thrilled. And 2/3 off!  :)

I have not been able to find fuschias for quite a few years now.  Well it turns outI just didn't look early enough in the season.

I also bought some more herbs, rhubarb and strawberry jam, few more little plants and some vegetables.  I just have to get a few more little plants there tomorrow because I miscalculated how many more we need.

That is where I left off last night.  Son had friends over and I made Terriaki Chicken, long grain rice with stir fry vegetables.  Big hit.  :)

Anyway - Wednesday now ..after this I decided to just force myself to go up to another local grower yesterday, closer to my home and again with the son beating down was ready to melt into a puddle on the ground.  But I picked up a few more plants ..including some cantaloupe plants she said were very sweet last year.  A SeaSpray can dream.  :)

By the time I got home after being so hot, then riding in a car with broken a/c needing repair and drinking warm water ...I felt like there wasn't enough ice water to cool me down and even in an air conditiioned house ..took an hour to really feel cool.  I hate to think of never having a way to get cool.  Ugh - perish the thought!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing this new ortho doc tomorrow and getting his take on my situation.  I have no doubt that my current doc is correct in his evaluation.  I am only considering this doc for if I decide to go to a tertiary care ctr to have the surgery done. I still have the same concerns I had when avoiding the uro surgery ...except that maybe it is less invasive and ocmpkicated because it won't be an open abdominal reconstructive surgery with those additional risks of complications. ?  Although, I do know a knee replacement is a big deal surgery and there are inherent risks to all surgeries.  So I get closer ..I will be blogging about it.

Tomorrow is my first step (no pun intended) toward seriously looking at getting this surgery done and walking without pain and getting back to normal.

I guess I also want to know ..single vs bilateral knee replacement?  I am strongly leaning toward single knee replacement.  I have my reasons.

So ...I will make my list of questions later.  And I am also curious to know what he sees on my most current knee x-rays from 2 weeks ago.

I feel a peace within me.  Well when I don't think anything about politics and other world events.  I feel a serenity and I am so looking forward to summer projects ..and summer activities.  Yay ...summer is here!

Happy summer to all!  :)

Oh ...PS! -  I am so happy that this summer for the first time in years ...I found scented petunias!  I got a whole flat in Walmart earlier in the month and also a hanging basket that I decided I am going to break up so I have plenty to plant. I wish I got more! I want many of them planted by our porch so they can be appreciated when sitting out there and/or coming in the house.  I love how their fragrance wafts upward.

The first time I realized that some petunias have a scent was after walking out of the hospital after my shift one hot summer night.  Oh my gosh!  Their fragrance was so beautiful.  They had rows of petunias planted on each side of the front walk into the the main entrance of the hospital and their scent also lined the entire walkway and even around the corner a bit.  I've since noticed that the scent of these flowers is strong at night and in early morning ... enhanced by humidity.

They would be nice in window boxes so the fragrance comes into the house.

PPS ..okay last thing.  I'm still looking for a pretty ornamental grass ..the kind that grows tall and has little wispy things that also blow on top of it and comes back every year.  I still haven't found any, but I just love watching things that sway in the breeze.  Plus tall grasses remind me of the sand dunes at the Jersey shore.  I'd like to plant some in the front and out back.

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