Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunshine SeaSpray!


So THIS is what being a morning person is like.  :)

I woke up with a song in my heart and ready to tackle anything.

Feeling at one with the sunshine, the birds and everything right with the world ...I was ready (in my mind) to hit the floor running.  My knees have other ideas, but even then least I was not having the recent excruciating pain - something new that had developed recently and was bringing me down physically and emotionally.

I thanked God for the beautiful day and felt grateful for the solid night of sleep and minimal pain in my knees.  I actually went to bed at 9:30 pm.  And even though I didn't go to sleep until 1am, I think just relaxing while listening to the radio and reading, still counted toward my quality night of sleep.  I am a confessed and dedicated night owl, who burns the candle at both ends as a daily routine.  That habit has exacerbated since I stopped working.  I've tried to kick the habit ...but as they say old habits die hard.

I am just amazed at how good I felt just because I went to bed at a normal hour and slept so well.  I also wonder if I slept better because I went in earlier?

I was greeted by a fabulously sunny kitchen.  The sunlight glowed all the more off the butternut yellow walls.  Our kitchen is so pretty in the early morning hours and I can totally see why the original owners built the kitchen in the front ...with the mountain view and the sunrise coming up over the mountains.  They must've been morning people. 

So ... when the grandchildren got here all bright eyed and bushy tailed themselves, already excitedly running across the lawn to begin their day here ...I was at the bow window hollering out, "GOOOOD MORRRNING JELLY BEAN!  GOOOOD MORRRNING BUDDY!  (Both one of my nicknames for them :)  How about some PANCAKES and EGGS?"  They were already excited before they got in the house.  Actually ..they are always eager to come here, but I think they were extra excited at this point because of my ultra enthusiasm before they even got in the door.

I was so upbeat - you would've thought I was Mary Poppins.  Chuckling to myself now.  :)

I was never the grouchy type in the morning.  But after allowing myself to become sleep deprived and tolerating pain for way too long morning enthusiasm dwindled down.  Of course I was already aware of how knee issues and poor sleep habits were affecting me, but Thursday morning really brought it home for me.  It was weird in that I was surprised at how good my physical body felt internally after a full night of sleep.  Imagine that.  Just sleeping could restore me in such a way.  Also the lack of the bad pain in those moments.

Anyway ...after pondering this later in the day, I was amused at how enthusiastically I hollered out "GOOOOD MORRRNING, etc.! to the kids.  It reminded me of Robin Williams' enthusiasm in "Good Morning Vietnam."

And I am almost always enthusiastic with them, they are such joys in our lives ... but this was a bit more.  :)

Below, is my favorite Mary Poppins scene from when I was a kid.  If only:

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