Monday, June 3, 2013

Today is my mother's birthday, June 3rd.  I miss her so much too.  I wonder what she's doing in heaven today?  I keep seeing her smiling face with pretty red lipstick she always loved to wear, her twinkling teal/blue eyes and beautiful red roses.  I guess I associate her birthday with all of Grandma's beautiful red roses at our shore house - June being rose month.  Roses are also the June birthday flower.

Roses happen to be my favorite flower, especially the red ones, although I love them all.

I always liked that Mom and I shared the same birthday month.

  I thought she told me I was born on Father's day... at 4:42 in the afternoon.  But I just checked a calendar for that year and I was born that Saturday.  And I do recall she said I was born on a Saturday.  So ...I must've misunderstood.

Anyway, we have a red rose bush that is growing nicely.  It is prolific with roses far into the summer.  That surprised me because I thought they die off in June. Roses are so pretty and not only do I delight in this rose bush's beauty, but seeing the pretty red roses evokes some special memories from over the years.  I always feel good when I see red roses. :)

Happy Birthday Mom.  :)

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