Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Few Thoughts and Pictures (son gets photo credit :)

Part of our garden this year.  I'm making a zucchini parm tonight.  It is sooo good! Like an eggplant parm, but with zucchini.  :)

Our cat, sneakers discovered the back of son's jeep this morning and almost went for a ride.  :)

Faith, our dog ...hiking locally with son the other day.  :)

I'm betwixt and between.  I want to go to Costco, Target and somewhere in the mall to buy a pocketbook.  of course with knees the mall would be a separate excursion - next week sometime.

I want to go to Target in hopes that it's not to late to buy cushions for the Adirondack chairs.  Walmart's left over cushions are just plain ugly and not much to choose from anyway.

And Costco ..well just because ... grocery shopping time.

But ..I guess I'm really not in the mood to shop today.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon.  I'll see.

What to do?  What to do?

Sun, pick vegetables and swim.

Sounds like a plan.  :)

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