Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Centipedes, Locusts, Spiders and More - OH MY! :)

Adult solitary phase locust; photo by Tom Fayle. 
I mean ...really ..I ask you ..who could blame me?

I AM SITTING HERE ...chuckling at my reaction to a series of bug events.  Oh and that I am sitting here in a mud mask as I type - waiting for it to dry so I can go shower.  I look like I am going commando from just below my shoulders and up.  You'd never see me in foliage or the dark of night when wearing this mask.  I do love this stuff.  Girly thing - I know.  :)

OKAY ...back to the bug events.

"Events?", you ask.

Well me ...most things involving most kinds of bugs ...are an event.  {{SHUDDER}}

Although ...I do love butterflies.  And also fireflies, dragon flies and lady bugs.  And the woolly bear caterpillar.  I don't love the woolly bear but I do think they're cute and I like to pet them.

ANYWAY ...2 nights ago after tinkling (I know - TMI), I bolted up from the toilet so fast because I thought a beetle had dropped on to my bare back since I had just come in from the garden, but it was actually the tie string from the back of my dress that had fallen against me.  I LOVE gathering vegetables out of the garden, but it also causes me to feel like all kinds of bugs are landing on me and sometimes they do.  I usually want to go right  into the pool or shower right after.

AND LAST NIGHT ...I about died when I moved a piece of wood near the shed and a big ..centipede - that thousand leg thing scurried right near my bare feet!  I shrieked.

THEN...while I wasn't skived ...I was annoyed when I was stung on my toe by a bumble bee I accidentally stepped on.  I didn't realize they sting.  I always think of them as the friendly bees.  Cute little fuzzy yellow and black striped bees.  Of course I did step on it.  What's a bumble bee to do in that case?  It kept on going though, enjoying the clover.  By the way ...did you know that bumble bees should not be able to fly because their body weight is more than their wings should be able to support.  But they do. Oh and swimming in the ice cold pool soothed the painful sting to my toe.

LOCUSTS ARE just plain alarming in size and scary when they seem to be swimming after you in the pool.  There I was ...entertaining my friend who was still on the deck ...while I was shrieking and trying to get away from said locust that kept coming after me.  It didn't matter that it was already dead.  The wake created by me trying to get away from the dead locust was drawing it right to me.  Thankfully ...I managed to dodge it in the end.  Then I caught it in the net and am saving it in the kids little transparent plastic bug house to show the wee ones because they LOVE bugs and this one is like a monster bug, in size and scary looking too.  {{{UGH!!!}}} 

THEN FINALLY ...I came in to get ready for my spa treatment and to my abject horror ...when I looked down ...about to put my washcloth under hot running water in the sink ...A big daddy Long Legs spider was crawling toward me from the other side of the wash cloth.  I guess chivalry is dead in this house tonight because neither of the SeaSpray men came running in to see what I was shrieking about.  And normally ...a Daddy Long Legs is the only spider I don't kill and will even pick it up by it's legs and toss it outside ...but the element of surprise by a spider (scariest bugs ever) and it was coming toward my arm to walk up me ...I panicked and tossed the whole cloth under the hot water and it washed down the drain.  I admit ..I felt a twinge of guilt over that.

And that is all I have to say about bugs.

NOW I SHALL go shower said mask off and am heading over to my favorite store ...Costco.  :)

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