Sunday, July 7, 2013

Not a Morning Mirage and other Garden Thoughts On This Saturday in July :)

So ...this morning Mr SeaSpray... and perhaps a few neighbors ...and even the birds ...probably had to blink their eyes twice be certain they weren't seeing some kind of a mirage.  The mirage being this nocturnal SeaSpray ...outside in a bathing suit, holding a pink mug filled with coffee in one hand and a watering hose in the other ...before 8am.  Mr SeaSpray was getting his truck loaded up to go mow someone's lawn and actually did a double take when he saw me out front.  (That was funny :)  See ...just goes to show you ...never say never.

I really have been trying to go to bed earlier, even though I still read for a bit. I'm reading another Amish fictional series again and can hardly put it down.   I've been feeling like I need to escape from the politics ...although they still lure me in.  I'm just being choosy about what I follow right now.  I want to appreciate life around me and enjoy the summer.

Since I read until about 1:30ish, I was really tired this morning and wanted to sleep a bit more.  But I just got fed up with  restlessly waking up every 10 minutes and so I said, That's it! Up and out you go! 

It felt so nice under the morning sun, seeing the glass like pond still, listening to the birds and watering the garden.  I love watching the sun come up over the mountains, gradually chasing the early morning shadows away and filling the valley with it's radiance ...even though it was clearly going to be a hot one today. Watering is so relaxing.  Except the part where I had to wrastle with the hose to get it all the way out front.  But, it's fun getting myself wet when it is so HOT out there like it was today. Just like washing a car on a hot day never mind getting wet in the process.  I think it's even a prerequisite. ;)  I also did a little weeding, although that is hard with my knees right now ..but I still did a fair amount.  It takes a long time to water everything.  And still I couldn't reach the farthest areas.  I also did some potting and removing dead flowers off some plants.  Then I took some pictures of the different lilies that are growing prolifically right now.

Later, I cut a whole bunch of yellow lilies and placed them in a pretty light turquoise cracked glass vase.  So pretty on the kitchen table.  :)

I do think being outdoors is good for one's mental health, not to mention getting some vitamin D.

One thing tho.  I forgot to put sunscreen on and I did get a sunburn on my face.  I usually associate that with swimming.

I did end up falling asleep on the raft in the pool and woke up COLD even tho it was still so hot out.  I had also been lying in water on the raft and in the shade since the tree was blocking the sun.  I couldn't get out fast enough and I was shivering up on the deck the sunshine.

It turns out that I am burned on my back, chest, arms and back of legs too.  All from watering in the morning.  OOPS!   At least it's not bad.

Our vegetable garden is looking great.  The corn is getting tall.  We've been enjoying the lettuce, onions, and kohlrabi.  That kohlrabi is a keeper and a must grow in the garden every year now.  It is sooo good!  I love it raw.  And it was also good baked.  I cut it up into small chunks and mixed with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic.- and then baked it at 375.

I would really like to try canning again this year.  I have all the equipment except the flat lids.

Oh and I am so happy that I found scented petunias this year.  I love how their fragrance in the early morning and evening.  And our butterfly bush has been attracting butterflies ...a delight to watch.  And I especially love the fragrance of it's flowers.  No wonder so many butterflies are drawn to it.  Also the fragrance of the honeysuckle vine.  I try to place these near windows and walkways so the fragrance can be appreciated.

I am happy that the deer did not get the sunflowers this year.  And so far that pesky ground hog seems to have moved on.

The herbs are growing prolifically as well.  Anyone want some Greek oregano?  I have to thin it out.  :)

I feel very blessed to be able to have our own gardens, listen to bullfrogs in the pond and just enjoy rural living.  Life certainly has it's challenges, but I am still so grateful for even these simple gifts in our lives.

Now does anyone want to strip and stain or paint some wooden furniture for me?  :)

I'm trying to decided if I am going to stick with a stain ...or should I paint the large Adirondack chairs?  Some people are so creative with how they paint them.  And also the picnic table and benches.  But, I digress ...

And now I'm off to shower and into bed. 

Happy Sunday!  :)

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