Monday, July 22, 2013

Shock Scream - Achhh! Pain Yell - OWWWW! Anger - SLAM! (and a little dental talk )

Goodbye dreamy sleep state at 6:50 in the morning.

Hello cold, shocking toilet bowl 6:50 in the morning.

So ...I got up at 6:50 A.M. to tinkle ...only to be SHOCKED by falling into the very hard and cold toilet bowl because one of the men in this house did not put the toilet seat down.  And I almost always check ...even in the wee hours of the morning, but I guess I was just too sleepy.  Then I felt mad ...because it was s-o-o-o annoying.

There was some muttering ..on my part.

Then I stubbed my pinkie toe so hard when going back into our bedroom that I tore the nail almost all the way off while simultaneously screaming out in pain.

Then I slammed the bedroom door.  I would never have done that over the toilet bowl ...but the pinkie toe injury just put me over the edge.  Even SeaSprays are human you know.  ;)

More muttering me.

After getting back into bed in a huff, yanking the blanket up over me heart and mind were in adrenaline mode.  Some more muttering ...then tossing and then finally flinging the blankets back off to go get the book I was reading.  DON'T hit your toe again!   Back into bed,  I turned the light on and read until 6:30 with the hopes I would again feel sleepy.

Mindful that I had to get back up in an hour for my dentist appointment, I pondered just getting up.  Nah. I wanted that hour of sleep.

 Fortunately ...reading calmed me down and I did fall asleep.

Unfortunately ...I did not get right up when the alarm went off.  I told myself I'd get up in just a couple of minutes.

The next thing I knew was that Faith, our dog ...was howling outside the door.   That was a good thing because she woke me up and I about died when I saw it was already a half hour later than I wanted to be up.

Fortunately ...I showered the night before.  But I still raced around and did not have time to floss.  I was going in for the cleaning and the consult with the new dentist.

Fortunately ...I was able to wear the dress I wanted to wear because it had finished drying before I had to leave.
Unfortunately ...because I was in a hurry and I didn't think anyone could see ...I walked to dryer wearing only a bra and panties (I never do that!)...even though ...I KNEW the one large window near the dryer does not have blinds or curtains that close.  It only has the balloon curtains at the top.  No one is ever out there.  This morning ...2 men (one was our neighbor and I don't know who the other man was), were outside talking.  They must've both been walking and met up with each other.  *SIGH!*  I'm hopeful that the lush maple tree blocked the view ...even though I could clearly see them.  And I didn't even realize they were there until AFTER I got the dress out of the dryer.  I let out a little shriek when I turned and saw them ... so I ducked and scurried away while clutching the dress against me, as if bending forward would cover me.  But that was dumb because then I was all the way in view ...if I wasn't before.  *Double SIGH!*  I wanted to hide my face as they both waved, with big smiles as we pulled out, but I did wave back.  AWKWARD!  They were just being friendly and I probably imagined their smiles bigger than they really were.  *Triple SIGH!*

I like him so much I decided he can't ever retire.

Okay ..that would be selfish of me ...I'm just saying that he is that good.

The consult was interesting and he brought tears of relief to my eyes.

My eyes actually welled up with tears and I said, "I'm NOT crazy then!"

He smiled and said, "Well maybe you are, but this is what you need done."  :)

Sense of humor - Check!  :)

It always helps to have a dentist with a sense of humor.

I will explain in detail in a different post, but as I've said in past posts, my former dentist was withholding treatment ..not fixing breaks on the inside of my teeth.  Instead just patching and then saying, "Why don't we wait ion it."  Except "IT" never came.  I don't want to say another word or I won't stop.  And he did and didn't do some other things.

But suffice it to know that my former dentist broke my trust in him.  TRUST!  I can never go back to him and would not because no matter what he did ..even if he said he was sorry ...I would always be second guessing his opinions.  

I think the tears came because I have been worrying about my teeth being further compromised because he wasn't doing the appropriate work.  It first began in 2003! 

And we didn't change dentists because he was the only one in this area on the plan we had.  I was also slow on the uptake of this.  But then I began putting it all together and last winter/spring was the final straw.

And what a great office we will be switching too!

I have never been so excited to go to the dentist.  :)


And last week, after he inquired about medical information (he is so thorough and really WANTS to know) ...when I was telling him I am planning on doing a knee replacement in the fall and that I want to go into surgery as healthy as possible, including my teeth ..he agreed.  Then he said that he had the same doctor do his hip surgery and had the spinal too.  (I was totally freaked out at the idea of getting a spinal and being awake for all the sawing and hammering, etc.)  This new dentist was reassuring and told me he will tell me about his experience when he has more time with me.  I even took that as a sign ..that indeed he is the right dentist and that I should follow through with the surgery too.  I mean what are the odds that I would run into a professional/doctor ..that had the new orthopaedic doc I chose, in the same tertiary care facility and is willing to share his experience so that I will feel comforted?

So regarding the dental post be continued...

PS - When I went to check on our dog - she was lying back down on the sofa.  Weird.  It was like she knew I had to get up ?   She also howls when someone leaves a phone message (no messages were on the phone) and as I've said in previous posts - likes to sing Happy Birthday with us.   Oh and howls at the fire alarm until it shuts back off.  I always tell her, "Good job Faith."  :)

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