Monday, July 22, 2013

The Last Faux Pas (Aded to previous post too)

I forgot to add this to my previous post before publishing it.  And so even though I did revise that, I will add this last little faux pas of the morning to this new post in case anyone already read the other.  I wasn't laughing at any of the things this morning, but now ...I can appreciate the humor in it all and don't mind sharing.   I swear I could be a sitcom character.  :)
Fortunately ...I was able to wear the dress I wanted to wear because it had finished drying before I had to leave.

Unfortunately ...because I was in a hurry and I didn't think anyone could see ...I walked to dryer wearing only a bra and panties (I never do that!)...even though ...I KNEW the one large window near the dryer does not have blinds or curtains that close.  It only has the balloon curtains at the top.  No one is ever out there.  This morning ...2 men (one was our neighbor and I don't know who the other man was), were outside talking.  They must've both been walking and met up with each other.  *SIGH!*  I'm hopeful that the lush maple tree blocked the view ...even though I could clearly see them.  And I didn't even realize they were there until AFTER I got the dress out of the dryer.  I let out a little shriek when I turned and saw them ... so I ducked and scurried away while clutching the dress against me, as if bending forward would cover me.  But that was dumb because then I was all the way in view ...if I wasn't before.  *Double SIGH!*  I wanted to hide my face as they both waved, with big smiles as we pulled out, but I did wave back.  AWKWARD!  They were just being friendly and I probably imagined their smiles bigger than they really were.  *Triple SIGH!*

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