Monday, July 1, 2013

What's in a Mark? :)

Funny chart!  I've certainly had my moments in deciphering the doctorese cursive code for orders, diagnoses and the like.  After 20 years of working at the hospital, I believe two Docs had the worst writing of all time, although one signed his name clearly.  The other ...well it was a symbol of some kind that wasn't even worth trying to figure out where his name was in this mark (no relation to ANY letter in the alphabet) and it's not seen on the above chart.

Actually ..the medical translation for each letter sort of reminds me of my urologist's signature ...although his signature doesn't appear to represent any of the doctor letters above either.  Wait ..a part of this urodoc's signature does appear to be in the symbol for the "W", except there isn't any "w" in his name.  Close ...but no cigar.  :)

I can't tell you how many times over the years since I've been a patient of urodoc's, that I have seriously pondered over his signature ...trying to decipher if any of the 3 letters in his name (first, middle, last), appear in his signature.  I've even thought I would ask him, but of course when in person there are more pressing things at hand.  Out of sight - out of mind.  Then one of us leaves, and I'm given a paper with his signature on it ...and I wonder all over again.

Frankly ...his mark, signature ..whatever...reminds me of ZORRO was here!  :)  Every time I've seen it I do think ZORRO.  I don't know if I ever even saw a ZORRO episode.  I just know the name somehow.

And if I ever see any one at his office... or in a medical facility sporting a black hat, black mask and black cape instead of the usual white coat or blue scrubs quickly darting into another area ...well then I will just know he has some secret connection to the infamous ZORRO.


Wait ZORRO wielding a ureteral STENT in the above picture?!

Anyway ...even though I always think of the ZORRO mark when I see this doc's signature ...there isn't even a "Z" in his name.  Go figure.

Maybe I will finally ask about it when I go to the follow-up appointment of my upcoming renal scan.

Trying to figure out that signature is like trying do a mind game on paper.  :)

Don't mind me, I always get a bit weird before I'm about to do something urological - venting I suppose.  :)

Anyway ..there is a space before the next picture and the post continues a bit more.

P.S. - Personal confession:  My writing isn't always easy to decipher either.  And for some odd reason ..I have an aversion to making a lower case "k" and it looks nothing like said letter. Years ago, An ER doctor I worked with, told me that maybe I should see a neurologist over my writing.  Not good if the DOCTOR is telling you HE can't read your writing.  Actually, I do write better when I slow it down, but I still can't write the lower case "k", unless I go down to 16rpm ...S-L-O-W-W-W-L-Y.  :)

I was pretty good at deciphering physician writing, but if I couldn't ..the nurses usually could ...and if they couldn't ...interestingly the Docs almost always could translate for us.  So it brings me back to the chart at the top of this post.  They must have some secret universal doctorese code ...for being a part of their club.  And one of their bylaws surely states (elite group that they are), that it is their obligation to toy with us all ...all non members, that is.  I thought I heard some snickers as they walked away after leaving the scripts to process.  N-o-w-w-w I understand. And no wonder those ER docs grinned as they deciphered for us!  ;)

I wonder if electronic medical records (EMRs),  are the secret revenge of the doctorese cursive code challenged population?  Could be....   ;)

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