Monday, August 12, 2013

A Dentist, Butterflies and Bumble bees :)

bumble bee on a zinnia

So what do a dentist, butterflies and bumblebees have in common with a SeaSpray?

 I'm waiting ... waiting .... okay ..I'll tell you.

 One extremely HAPPY SeaSpray that is just THRILLED with her new dentist!

And the beautiful ...even tho only temporary replacement he put in this morning.  I keep looking at it.  :)  I can't wait to see the finished product in a couple of weeks!

I know I have repeatedly said I will write a dental post about what my former dentist and why I have lost complete trust in him ..and professional respect.  yes ..I would still be respectful and I don't hate him ...but he withheld proper care ..even tho I was asking for things to be done.  But that is just too much to write right now.  Instead ...I want to focus on the positive and that was the dental experience I had yesterday morning.

This new dentist so nice, congenial, gentle and encouraging.  I was surprised that he self disclosed personal info about his own medical history to encourage me about surgery, the surgeon and the tertiary care center I have chosen to be operated in ...all of which he spoke highly of. Coming from a doctor - that means a lot.  He certainly did not have to do that.  And as evidenced in how well the temporary looks just behind my upper right eyetooth ...he is obviously skilled.  AND ...his  staff great too.  A perfect fit for this SeaSpray!  And I will recommend him to everyone.  My family is switching over even though our former dentist is on our new plan too.  I appreciated that he kept commenting on the whiteness of my teeth.  They were since I was a teenager ..although I do occasionally use a little whitener, but not much at all. Years of coffee and tea take their toll.  I was glad to hear I am at the high end of the brightness chart.  I like that he got a kick out of my story about when I was 14 ..I had the brainstorm idea for Iris and I to let the ocean white water rush through our teeth ...thinking it was a natural whitener. And inspired by a funny rain story he told, I shared a heartwarming, cute story about intentionally taking the little kids out in a heavy rain storm on a hot day ...with our clothes on.  That was the point.  To be different and carefree. (I wrote a post about it some yrs ago :) And my friends little girl, while jumping in a puddle exclaimed, "This is the BEST day of my life!"  He said he'd remember that, and thought it was a great story.  It was fun too.  :)

And I was feeling concerned when I was trying to find a new dentist, because how can you really know until you experience them working on you, etc., ?  But ..I was impressed with his on line bio ...because of his appreciating small towns, still teaching in NYU and the Tertiary care center I am going to and because he donates his time to several different organizations ..and that spoke compassion to me. I feel like heaven handpicked this dentist for me.  Not far from home and I even like the office.  Win win, win, win and so on.

Anyway ...I came right home and immediately went all around the yard to fill up a vase with different types of colorful Garden flowers, along with butterfly bush flowers, lavender and mint leaves and a variegated green and white vine sprig.  And then I tied a pretty lavender wired bow around the vase.  Wrote him a thank you note (and he is just beginning his work with me:), because I am so grateful and happy about his work.  I know I am in good hands now.

And the butterflies and bumblebees were following the flowers and me around the yard.  I felt like the pied piper, only instead of using a flute ...I carried beautifully scented, colorful flowers.  I was concerned there could still be a bumblebee in the mix while driving back over, but fortunately the ride was uneventful.  Anyway, mission accomplished.  The women loved them and placed them on the reception counter.  The card was addressed to the doctor, although I did compliment his staff too.

So, then I went to the dollar store and bought 6 more clear vases for giving more flowers away when the opportunities comes up.  Also some little shells to put in the bottom of the vases for a summery effect.  :)

And I know it may seem like too much to do too soon for some people I hardly know ...but I have been upset for a long time with my former dentist and the work he wasn't doing and then knowing we might not have dental insurance soon ..I was afraid my teeth would break after our insurance stopped.  The point is ...I am just so happy and grateful for the work this new dentist is doing AND ...that he validated my concerns.  He has been careful not to knock my former dentist, but yesterday he did say, "You NEEDED this done."  His assistant used to work for my former dentist and twice she just said, "You're in the RIGHT place now."

And now I want to get right outside and go in the pool because it is pouring rain and muggy.  So fun to swim in the rain too.  I don't know why ...but I just love being in heavy rain.  :)


Scots little sister said...

You are so fortunate (as you have said!) to find a dentist like this. I had terrible dental care when I was young and have a real phobia about dentists now. I just avoid or when I go I don't trust them.
So nice that you did the flowers for your dentist! Such a lovely thing to do!!

SeaSpray said...

Yes - I do feel fortunate. I will be doing a long post in the future about former dentist and why I lost all trust in him.

Terrible feeling when you discover a doctor you trusted betrayed you. Admittedly I was so on the uptake and then when I realized we stayed because he was the only one on our plan.

I hope he liked them. and I hope it didn't seem like to much to do since I don't know him yet. I was just so happy at the work done and for future work.

I am also going to be writing my former dentist a heartfelt letter. Maybe it will help future patients.

Lindsay Patrick said...

“This new dentist so nice, congenial, gentle and encouraging.” – These are definitely the qualities that a dentist should have. And I’m glad that you found yours. It’s a bit of a challenge, but knowing that you were in good hands and that your dentist is as reputable as you mentioned, you have nothing to worry about then. But I must say, you truly seem to have had a good day that day.
= Lindsay @ (Oakville, ON)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lindsay - thank you for your comment. :)

yes he is terrific! My husband thinks so too.

I want to write my former dentist a letter. Not harsh ..although the truth will hurt if he has a conscience. i will compliment the good but then I am going to list in order all the things he withheld treatment on even tho I was requesting. he was not always that way. Maybe he will think twice before harming another patient thru omission of care.

And the new dentist was surprised at how bad things with my husband for having been at the dentist last winter. That also tells me he let things go without addressing them with him. This dentist was so concerned that he showed ME my husbands x-rays. We take care of our teeth with checkups, etc., and this should NOT have happened.

We don't read x-rays ..but this dentist should've seen and fixed things and if he really didn't see anything wrong - then he shouldn't be a dentist.

When my work was done ..I couldn't believe I didn't have an odor and no more cold/hot sensitivity and new dentist said , "It was easy to fix." I complained since before 2005. But if your dentist tells you he doesn't see anything - you believe him. Thankfully I never went to the periodontist because I didn't need to.I think the dentist was stalling in treating me because then he keeps the money from my ins that month. I had a capitation plan.

I am very thankful for this new dentist. :) It does hurt to think that a medical person you trusted and went to for so long would do this tho. WOW.

SeaSpray said...

I just noticed that I said "I was on the uptake' in my comment too Scots little sister. I meant SLOW on the uptake. :)