Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Favorite Light Breakfast and New Business, etc. :)

My breakfast this morning-one of my summer favorites.  Admittedly, with 4% cottage cheese, but I prefer it.  South Jersey melons and Costco blueberries, always so sweet. The delicious melon came from Dale's Market on Newton-Sparta Rd.  What a terrific Garden Ctr!  Well stocked, good looking fruits/vegetables and other food too.  My weakness, blueberry-yogurt covered pretzels. :) The owner has such a kind face.  I plan on giving them first consideration anytime I have plants/shrubs to buy, because not only do their nursery items look great, but also because of the stellar assistance the owner and staff have given me.  I also believe it is important to support small local businesses.  I'm happy to see that they seem to be quite busy.


Chrysalis said...

Hi Seaspray. I was just seeing if I'm able to comment on here. I was reading another site and was unable to leave a comment.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel! Yes it works. I just use this format so I don't miss a comment if someone posts one on older posts I'd never see now and it helps with spam - although I don't get that much.

Some bloggers now have sights that I feel like you have to jump through hoops to leave a comment- I get concerned that my real name will appear and I never get them thru. Don't know why. I miss the early blogging days before all the other social media sites came out and you just signed in with blogger or word press.

Btw - there is another interesting surgeon blog and I still have to link to him. I've been so remiss with blogging/visiting - but do want to be more active and also get rid of links in here I don't use or closed and weed out some posts I know longer like. It's really interesting and he usually takes the time to comment on your comment and he has a live chat to participate in. Always feel welcome there. Skeptical Scalpel and WC has a link to him.

Chrysalis said...

Yes, it's a real pain in the arse trying to leave comments these days. I hate Wordpress now. I don't want to have to sign in everytime I'd like to comment to them.

I was just on a site today, the author's name is Greg. He had a post on Kevin MD's site and I went to comment on Greg's site, well forget it ... I finally gave up. He has such a great site and yet I can't constantly remember all these different things to sign in. I'd just like to say something that maybe they hadn't thought of, and be on my way.

I've opened mine up again, but seem to be losing my mojo. That is if I'd had any.

I lost a ton of you when google reader went bust. I tried to get them on Feedly, but for some reason it didn't do it, and then it was too late. Only way I can check in is via my ancient links.

Glad to know I'm not the only one frustrated by the crappy new sign ins and moderations now. I can barely make those out at times.

SeaSpray said...

Yay - I'm glad you're back open. :)

I left a long message on a patient blog site. I had commented before but something changed. Mo matter what I did - it didn't work. At least we can get to wc and ramona. :)

I want to strike out in blogdom again - regular not just medical. Because it seems medical bloggers don't comment like they used to in the beginning. I do miss it. Not that it was a lot - but I did appreciate it. I think maybe regular bloggers might be more willing to comment. I love Dr S' writing, but with all the scandals and politics as they are - I just can't handle his blog and I do skim - but get right back out because I would be so weighed down trying to make a point that would not matter anyway. :)I do miss his surgeon's blog tho. Doc Rob blogs again and I love his writing ..but I have been apathetic abut following as intently as I had with many blogs. I think I've been overwhelmed by things in life and the country. But since I know I am doing the surgery, scheduled the date and with summer winding down - I know I will be blogging more again. I love the writing/blog hobby more than fb or anything. And I do enjoy reading other posts.

One of my feeds stopped working, but I just use my links to connect. Except there is the blogger link. Did you sign up for that in your blog. I think that is why it shows readers in the front (the little squares that link to other blogs and why a feed pops up whenever I sign into this blog.Or reader. But if I go to write a post, etc., it disappears and I have to sign out and then back in and it shows up. Maybe you just have to create the links again? ha! I am so technically challenged and not much help. :)

It is so cold out. Can't even go in the pool water. Fall already!

Chrysalis said...

I don't understand not commenting to your readers, especially if they are taking the time to say something and contribute. The give and take is what makes a great blog - my opinion. I however, don't care if they don't say anything to me in particular. I will usually just say something and move on.(Except for yours. :) )

I might have lost WC. I thought he was moving his site. I'll have to check my links again when I have time.

I don't know about the little squares thing, maybe you mean the followers to some blog sites. Mine is just basic, no real bells or whistles.

I haven't been able to get over here like I used to, but I'll try to do better. What surgery are you scheduled for?

Thank you for your comments. It wouldn't be the same without you around. I'll answer you. :)