Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Bathroom Surprise - Scream or Catatonic Worthy?

 OHDEARGOD!!!  A friend found 7 snakes in her jacuzzi tub today!  SEVEN!!!!!  She saw them slithering down the bathtub drain when she went back into the bathroom.  I would not be able to shower or use the toilet ..or sleep!  NOT until I knew why, where they came from and was assured the problem was remedied.  Can you imagine sitting on the TOILET and a snake or two or more slithering up???   Last I knew she is using sticky traps and called a local person who handles snakes and has a snake pit on their animal farm.  I absolutely would HAVE to know how they got in and that it would be fixed - forever fixed. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  SURREAL!

The wildlife people thought it may've come in after a mouse.  But it went upstairs and probably laid eggs in the jacuzzi that hadn't been used in a while.  OHMYGOSH!!!

They are Northern Ringnecks and can get up to 2 feet long. 

The next day the wildlife people took them outside and oiled the sticky stuff to set them free.  The day before she threw one out the window.  I really don't know how she slept that night.  Brave ....brave ...brave!  And the toilet?  UGH!!!

Anyway - I found this on youtube:


Scots little sister said...

That really IS the stuff of nightmares! And my particular worry as a child was actually this particular one - the exact same thing - that snakes would come and bite my bum when I sat on the toilet!
It would take me a long time to be able to use the facilities she has if it were me. We had a cat bring in a live mouse that then took residence in a bedroom I use if I can't sleep at night....we just couldn't catch it for ages and it made a whole load of mess everywhere, in tiny corners, in handbags, in drawers, closets. It was dreadful to try and clean up after. I couldn't sleep in that room for months :)

SeaSpray said...

I never thought of anything coming up the toilet (didn't know it was possible - ignorance is bliss), until I saw a youtube or some article since blogging. UGH!

I used to think mice were so cute and even had Christmas mouse nick nacks to put out a little family. I got it the yr we got our house. It was also the first time we had mice and the droppings were in kitchen drawers, cabinets, etc. So dirty. I did not care how they were removed, I just wanted them out. I could hear them running in the attic. Traps helped, but in the end ..we used poison pellets and that took care of it. I admit to a twinge of sadness but they are not healthy to have around and so we had to do what we had to do. Having a cat helped but they can't get to them in the cabinets. I got rid of those little mouse decorations. And now they can carry deer ticks that carry lyme disease.

Anyway - before that happened to my friend ...I had just seen a video about how if you have a bird feeder, the birds spill the seeds, which draw mice ..which draws the snakes. Interesting.

We have a pond here and so I know there are snakes around.

Scots little sister said...

Have you ever had snakes in your pond? Or pool? I have a cousin in Australia who has a pool and I think she has had to deal with snakes in her pool! Yikes I would never be able to swim in confidence anywhere where there might be snakes or crocs waiting to launch themselves into the pool you're in!!
I'm so glad you are blogging again :)

SeaSpray said...

Well no worry of crocks up in these here hills. ;) Snakes - yes. Definitely snakes in pond. And I am sure around.

I've heard if there is a drought, snakes will come down from the mountains to look for water. They can also come from the Marsh nearby and through a drain.

Never had problems tho.

One night I went outside around midnight to sit at picnic table and enjoy the full moon.

Then all of a sudden ...I heard something slithering in the grass right past me and I immediately went back in the house.

I had forgotten that and wonder how many times I've been near snakes.

Thanks - I'm glad your visiting again. :)