Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bladder Jig :)


Well ...after looking up the definitions, I see would've ended up in the Men's room, because my guess would've been Stamen.  And it wouldn't be the first time I ended up in the Men's room and that time there was clear sign on the door. 

You can read about that here.  :)

Regarding this cartoon, I reasoned Stamen for the Women's room because I was thinking the Women's room door is usually before the Men's room and I don't know why I think that and actually might just be determined by what direction one approaches the rest rooms from.  So, then I thought well Pistil ..sounds masculine ... and sounds TOUGHER in a MANLY sort of way.  PISTIL!  And S-t-a-m-e-n sounds s-o-f-t-e-r ...gentle a woman. But then Stamen also reminded me of something male.  Then I tried to picture the parts of a flower.  But I still didn't know what they do or which was which if I was even picturing the right things.  Flower sex? Too many thoughts and my bladder would hollering to me by now.  :)

If this were real life ...this guy and I would've been doing some kind of bladder jig together outside these doors.  :)


Scots little sister said...

It's only because I have studied biology that I knew the answer to this, but in foreign languages there can be terribly embarrassing situations. I mean what about eastern languages with japanese or cantonese signage? I can speak russian so I think I would be ok there, but not polish which is different or slovakian etc. So why not use the universal signs for men and women, the ♂ and the ♀ (sorry they are so small).
Surely everyone knows these signs?

SeaSpray said...

Good ideas using the universal signs.

I think it is great that you can speak Russian. Must be a difficult one.