Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great News! :)

Since this is a urology post ...  the perfect cartoon.  And boy oh boy - it's a good thing urine doesn't fall from clouds.  Just saying.  ;)

I had my follow-up appointment with my urologist yesterday and so ...guess what?

  ***My renal function in my right kidney has gone from 30% last June 37% this August.*

At first I thought he said it was 30% and I was thinking it went down from 33%.  Then he told me it went up to 37% from 30%.

Tears welled up in my eyes.  They were happy tears.  RELIEVED - HAPPY tears.  I went from abject fear sheer delight.  And I am forever grateful to God and to my urologist.  :)

I know miracles are bigger deals - but this does feel close to one.

I believe he said it healed and I can't believe I don't exactly  ...remember every word he said about this.  As a matter of fact ...I probably don't need a dye test I was going to have prior to my knee surgery ...just to be sure.  I admit ...I still might want it as concrete proof.  I don't want to be lacking faith.  Sometimes you just have to BELIEVE.  Take that leap of FAITH!

And even tho I consider myself a person of faith .... it is because of my past history with this ...I would just feel better with the dye test.  And normally I would be thrilled with this news and glad to be cleared and I am.  I'm actually in AWE that I avoided that reconstructive surgery ...and of course thanks to God and urodoc.  But is pretty amazing because the odds were most definitely against me.

But ...a picture is worth a thousand words.  A picture ...actually seeing my right ureter open and dye flowing freely.  NO more doubt.  It will settle it for all time for me.

I am conflicted about this right now. 

Does it make sense to anyone ...that I just want to see the concrete picture?  I think it is because I have had so much fear and concern for so long. And I know - so get over it already, right?   AND it has been 29 MONTHS since I had the last ureteral stent removed.  The renal function went UP!

But I was also told by my orthopaedic doctor, that if an infection occurred after my knee replacement, he would automatically put me on 2 years prophylactic antibiotics and if an infection got into the new knee, that knee would have to come back out.  Then what?  Does the ortho patient go kneeless (I know not a word - but I like it:) for awhile?  And obviously there would be a repeat surgery at some point.

If I never heard that - I would not think twice about it.

 But - I did.


Scots little sister said...

That's great news about your renal exam. Let's hope you don't get any infection in your knee. I am so pleased for you because I know how much angst your renals have given you over the years.

SeaSpray said...


I know that the fact that I have remained open going on 30 months and good renal scan ..are great signs all is well. But ..knowing the worst that could happen if uro infection occurred ...

And I know I just have to take a leap of faith and let go of old concerns.

but it is certainly understandable why I am wrestling with this.