Friday, August 9, 2013

Great Report and Medical Mystery (to me) Regarding What Happened to Me Yesterday, etc.

I am happy to report that the uro M/A informed me that the doctor said my preliminary renal scan reports look great!  Thank God!  I will be seeing him for a follow-up to get the details and future follow-up plans.  I do believe I am healed.  This is near miraculous, considering 4 surgeons recommended the reconstructive surgery, etc and how poor the prognosis looked for remaining open.  Someday, I will write a final post on this urology chapter of my life.  :)

The following post is about what happened to me yesterday evening and then into the wee hours of the morning.  And out of the blue evidenced by my previous post yesterday just prior to my leaving.  I wish I knew what the cause was.  And I make comparisons to what happened to me back in August 2007 - only worse back then - but different too.  I wish I knew so that I could avoid this in the future.

I am delighted about my preliminary news though - absolutely delighted!  :)

I am not feeling so well.  When I wrote my previous post earlier, I was feeling good and shortly after left for my friend's store down below.  Then about 10 minutes out from her store, I began feeling awful. I wanted to pull over but would not be anywhere for help ..except for cars passing by.  And so I kept driving.  I managed to get there and then called her, telling her I was in her parking lot but couldn't come in because I felt so awful.

I didn't know what to think.  Was it blood sugar?  Did it have anything to due with the Mag III renal test with Lasix yesterday - although, I never had a problem with that in the past. And I did eat earlier so I couldn't imagine low blood sugar.  It was just a tomato sandwich - first one of the year with a tomato from our garden.  And a small piece of rhubarb/strawberry pie - very small.  I did forget to have the cottage cheese I had wanted and so I hadn't eaten any protein yet and now it was almost 6pm.

I felt shaky without shaking , nausea but not really, weak, tired and becoming mildly anxious because of what was happening.  She was worried about me, but I didn't want to bother her and fortunately I git the idea to have some peppermint sugarless gum.  That seemed to help me and I left soon after.  Then began feeling it again and so had a spearmint gum, which began to cause me to feel ill again and so I went back to peppermint.

I felt so awful ..I was wondering if there was anyway it could be connected to something urologic since I had just had the Mag III renal scan with lasix the day before and thought to call urologist on call and run it by them before calling pcp.  I also thought I might have to go to ER.  I didn't want to do any of it.  I just wanted to get home.  And I thought this because I remembered that I had a similar experience in August 2007 after a uro experience.  August 1, 2007 to be specific. (I am weird in how I remember numbers and dates.  I even checked in here because I recall writing about it after and sure enough august 1st. - Just a quirk that amuses me sometimes:)

Also, I have never had a problem with renal scans in the past and it was a around 27 hours later - but I also never monitored my blood pressure after one either.  I was wondering if there is a chance my kidney got such a workout that it did cause a temporary reaction.  ?  Is something wrong with my kidney this time around because I've been really aching since the test.  Even though I also know that happens to me sometimes anyway ever since the first uro relapse in 2006.  (Btw - Admittedly ...I do not know the urology protocols for follow-up after a person has a large kidney stone removed, etc and that first urologist did follow up with a KUB in October - 3 months after my last stent was removed ...but is it advisable for the urologists to do another follow-up ...maybe 6 - months to a year after that ..or was my case just highly unusual?  I know that is water over the bridge and I don't know that it would've made a difference.  Well ..the only thing that could've been done is corrective surgery and then I would not have gotten kidney damage.  It's easy to look back with 20-20 hindsight.)

Again I digress.

And so I drove through cats and dogs falling heavy rain ..and slow in parts because of Friday evening traffic.  I thought about going into Weis Pharmacy to see if they had any urine testers, but was afraid I'd pass out.  I tried drinking water too.

And I prayed a lot and even sang a Christian song to keep my mind off it as best I could.  I prayed to drive safely too.  Maybe I was selfish to keep driving feeling that bad.  And let me tell you ..windshield wipers in motion do not help a sort of queasy, dizzy feeling person.

Finally ...I pulled into our driveway, but was too weak to get out.  I beeped 3 times, hoping Mr SeaSpray could help me in because I was afraid I might pass out.  I wanted to beep more, but I also didn't want our neighbor who was on his front porch and seriously ill with cancer to come over to help me.  I know he would have, but he has enough to take care of himself.

So ..I sat there trying to get the strength to walk inside.  Thankfully Mr SeaSpray came out and helped me in.

I crashed on the couch.  The logical thing would be to test my blood sugar, but I let the needles run out.  I know my a-1cs are in the 6.6 range or less and fasting was last 130 in a lab test in July.  I'm not prone to low blood sugar either.
I did take tramadl for knee pain around 1pm and I don't like how I feel on it (always makes me feel a little ugh- hyper ..maybe ...not sure how to describe, but admittedly always feel a bit of resistance before I take it - but my body has always been sensitive to medications and alcohol), but it does help the pain somewhat and it is not the first time I have taken it.  I-buprofen/N-SAIDS are bad for the kidneys and so I don't go anywhere near that now.  Although - I would take 600mg of I-buprofen if I felt an impending migraine come on, but fortunately I have not had a Migraine in years.  YAY!  :)

I did take 1500 mg of Metformin as soon as I got home.  I take it at dinnertime anyway.

 I remembered that I had a similar experience in August 2007 after a uro experience

After Mr SeaSpray came home with dipsticks and when I didn't feel so awful, I tested my urine 3 times and no color registered that matched the chart.  The color on the stick stayed exactly the same and so I assume that means sugar was fine. I also read that if your ketones are high the color won't register, but I had eaten cottage cheese when I came home and so I was not in fasting mode.  I assume you can have them for other reasons though.  ?  regardless - I was not concerned about elevated blood sugar at this point.

To be continued....
Update Friday night:  I had to stop writing this post because another wave of whatever it was was hitting me again and so I again checked urine -color on stick still didn't change.  I verified this wasn't an expired bottle and the date was current.

I began taking my blood pressure and that was high.  186/87 kind of high and so I took my med for that.  It came down slightly - 178/94.  So I stayed up all night to monitor it.  I was concerned about this because in August 2004, I woke up with a headache one day, didn't have any I-buprofen - the only thing that works for me that will eradicate a headache if I treat it early.  But I had to be at work early that morning and needless to say the headache pain exacerbated.  One of the nurses at the VNA graciously took my blood pressure and it was higher than normal, but I had clients to see and had to work all day.  I could only take Tylenol which will not  help me like I-buprofen does - not even close and so I worked with a wicked headache all day.  My head hurt so much that I couldn't even stop at the store to get I-buprofen.

Fortunately I had Percocet left over from June, when I had my second ureteral stent removed (different urologist back then and it was right after having had my first and last large kidney stone.  I had endured 2- 2 week stints of stents and newbie uro patient that I was - thought I was forever done with urology - hahahaha! :)  But I digress.  Anyway ...I learned that night that even Percocet would not remove the headache and it wasn't migraine proportions - but close.  I decided to monitor my bp with a wrist cuff.  My only activity was reclining on the sofa watching tv and still the bp was creeping up.  Then I decided to turn Seinfeld on, thinking laughter would help.  I called a friend who worked at the hospital who encouraged me to go to the hospital.  Still I resisted.  But when the numbers were something crazy like 220/over 127 (not exact but definitely in those high ranges), I went to the ER.  Nurse said to ER doc that I basically triaged myself, he sent over for a head CT which came back normal.  then gave me a different hypertension med then I had ..caused me to sleep a bit and I was good to go.  Then the following Monday, my pcp at the time switched me to theat medication and have been on it ever since - even tho it is an older one.  I have this thing, that God forbid I should lose hair from one of those medications and this one does not do that and so I stay on it.

Anyway ..that past experience is exactly why I stayed up because I felt I should be sure it wasn't going to escalate to those high numbers again.

I did a couple of loads of wash, folded said wash and watched TV.  I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to spike up higher.  But when at 04:00, I saw it only went down to 158/98, I decided to take a second hypertension pill. Thirty six minutes later it went down to 133/76  Pulse 71.  Half hour later 142/77 and I went to bed.

And I am happy to say that today, my blood pressure has been in the more normal ranges for me.

I have no idea why that happened to me yesterday and into the wee hours of this morning. ????

I should probably tell my pcp and I will, but first I am running it past my urologist to to be sure there isn't any correlation to this and the test.  I really don't think so - but I don't want to tell the pcp and then he gets all crazy about switching my medication - especially if I don't really need to.

I am grateful for the good news I got from the uro M/A today that the doctor said my preliminary test results are great.  Yay!  I am still just wondering tho if that test could cause that.  Although the blood pressure spiking in 2004 had nothing to do with uro testing and I had been opened up, ureterally speaking (I know people don't speak ureterally ;) ...with those two stents and so my kidney was fine then.  That damage occurred over time after that.

The difference between this incident and the one back in 2007 in how awful I was feeling is that this was not as bad.  Close ..but not only enough to cause me to wonder if I should be seen in the ER.  And the circumstances of that day were different as well. And even though I felt like I might die - my BP was not escalating.

Maybe some people just have these weird things happen periodically with no explanation for the cause?

The one thing I am going to do is ask my pcp for a renewed prescription for the glucometer needles and I guess new test strips.  Oh and he knows that I don't test.  I told him that I don't want to put myself through that since my numbers are not high and he didn't say anything and so I assumed it was alright.  But I sure as heck should be prepared if this ever happened again.  because I wondered could it be low blood sugar ...even though I had eaten only a few hours before. ?  And if it was, I would've had some honey as soon as I walked in the door.  And I suppose I will get those little sugar tablets to keep in my purse.  I admit this did scare me ...although ...I don't think it was a diabetes issue either.

And that brings me back to ??????

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