Saturday, August 31, 2013

HA HA! :)

Wizard of Id


Scots little sister said...

Poor Humpty.. I feel for him.
My brain is scrambled... you are on a roll (sorry for the pun) and I have to admit to needing time to read and digest your great posts, so hope you don't mind if my comments for your TP and cloud posts are a bit delayed! I am so glad you are writing again!

SeaSpray said...

Scrambled - Ha ha!

This joke *cracked* me up - pun intended. ;)or does that only work for Humpty? never mind - so tired to bed. Unusual for this night owl - only 22:59. Long day - but fun. :)

And emotionally draining for a bit too.

Thank you - beginning to feel inspired. Maybe your comments. :)

Glad to know you and hubby laughed. I almost pulled it thinking I was on too much of a ROLL about TP. :)

I thought the doctor's post was funny. Shouting "Oragami!" haha!

And I really did obsess once I realized how much smaller the roll is now. And every time I walk past an unopened pack of 36 - I stare at it trying to remember how big it was in the past.

Are they doing that in your area. Charging the same price ..or more and yet reducing the size of the products, weight, etc.,?

Scots little sister said...

Everything is reduced over here. I'm sure of it. I haven't actually measure anything myself but the newspapers say they have reduced vital things like house room sizes, so that you can't fit a decent double/queen size bed in a room with anything else - no closet, desk, chair -no anything except a small bed and even then the door might only just open!
And the houses are built with about six inches (truly) beside each other and they call that a "detached" house! No garden (pocket handkerchief excepted) and people are paying huge amounts for them. It's so sad. And what makes me so mad is that all the time the government is saying we can have more immigrants and the population can grow and yet we are a tiny country.It is the 3rd most populous island after Java and Honshu (japan) in the world. We are lucky to live where we do because at the moment it is not overpopulated but I can see it becoming so even in the 10 years we have lived in this more recent place and certainly in the 20 years we have lived in Scotland. I should have a blog to blog off about these things but I'm not as good a writer as you!
Have a great Labour day!

SeaSpray said...

Over here and since the 80s, the trend around the country and certainly our rural area has been to build either condos or town houses. They still build houses with property ..but with townhouses can put up so many units usually 3 or 4 attached and then several in a townhouse or condo neighborhood. Some are quite posh and have small yard and maintenance done by the association - fees expensive and some are smaller - but same set up - just not as nice... but alright. Depends where it is. I hate them in our rural county because if you put too many families close together ..that is a huge drain on the water supply when people live with private wells ...unless they are in some kind of lake community or association and some larger towns. One community was running out of water but they did remedy that. then the sewer systems take water out but don't replenish it. Also added tons of traffic on our small local roads. Conversely I have seen area where HUGE houses have gone up with ample property (I'm not adverse to that), but I wonder who lives there, what do they do to be able to afford the heat ...never mind taxes in NJ - the state in the States with the highest property taxes.

You live in an amazing area tho ..with the sea and the way you've described it in the past. Nice. I enjoy your European pictures too - so different from here - a baby country by comparison. :)