Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renal Scan #11

I just love that song and think it's funny I keep hearing it during the scan.  They make me hold still though and so I can't move to the music in my head.  Although ...I think it might be interesting to see all those pretty nuclear sparkles dancing around in my kidneys on the screen.  But I guess the urologists (I mean radiologists - urologist on my brain) - haven't learned to read dancing kidneys yet.  ;)

And now 11 doesn't work with the tune of the song, Mambo #5 ..11 being two syllables and all.  I was always going to do my own song about renal scans to that tune.  I hear it in my head every time I get the scan.

Anyway ...I know the drill well ...off to the uro office fro the foley and then to the hospital for the Mag III renal scan with lasix.  It's weird when you've been such a frequent flier that staff remembers.  I guess I'm just a memorable SeaSpray.  ;)

So why am I nervous?  And even feeling a bit shy?  Even going to the uro office?Although - I will be glad to see them.  :)

Not the foley catheter though.  I honestly don't feel any affinity toward the catheter.  Good thing they don't have feelings.

Also, I don't have to do the Bajingoland land position so frequently anymore and that is part of it to.  For awhile there I was just in the mode ...but now ...not in the mode.   Although I could never do this test without a foley bag.

And another thing ...I hate that I have to drink 32oz of water an hour before the test.  I can't and so have to down it in a half hour ..most of it anyway.  God forbid I started, had to go and got stuck in traffic.

I guess ...I am believing I am healed and have been distancing in my mind - from urology issues. That is a good thing.  I lived with fear about it all for far too long.

And this month the 17th (also our older son's birthday), will be 29 ..yes TWENTY NINE MONTHS since the last ureteral stent was removed.  That just HAS to be a good sign ...don't you think?

I'm happy that a certain friend is coming along to keep me company.  She's a nurse and so I have things I want to discuss with her ...plus ..we have lots of catching up to do since it's been awhile since we last connected.  And we'll be going out to dinner afterward.  It's nice to have something to look forward to after a day of procedure and tests like that.  :)

I still pray that urodoc will be able to give me a good report.  I believe he will ...but will feel better when he does.  A-n-d ..I suppose that is the other reason for nervous - I just want to hear the good words.

So that is my day tomorrow.  :)

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