Friday, August 2, 2013

So ...don't you just love it....

I wrote the following post on and around July 4th and am putting this up now since I don't have anything else right now.  I really am not a klutz ...but goofy things do happen in my life.  I'd like to think these things happen to everyone, but that I just appreciate the humor in them ...AFTER the fact and I love to share amusing things.  Even at my own expense.  :)  After all ..if you can't laugh at yourself ...

And now I am heading to Target ..then Costco because I never did make it down there as planned and now we are out of EVERYTHING because I keep holding off for things down there because I know I save money there.

I have a follow up renal scan next week.  I am expecting, yet still praying for a good report.  I'll come back about that.

I am happy that I have recently reconnected with a friend across the pond and I feel like we are pen pals.  Sweet.  :)

Happy weekend to all! :)

So ...don't you just love it:

 When  ...soda sprays all over you and everything?

Fortunately, I anticipated this on July 4th ..and fortunately ...I was wearing a bathing suit.

I was trying to fit something in our refrigerator when I knocked a full unopened bottle of root beer on the floor.  At first I was going to just put it back, but then thought I had better open it outside.  It's a good thing I did because ohmyGOSH ...that bottle shot soda out in 4 directions with such force, while I screamed, while trying to get the cap off. (It was so COLD) I and my new bathing suit with white trim at the top was SOAKED with soda.   Sticky, sweet, ant bate is what this SeaSpray became after that.  I screamed so loud while trying to get the cap off, that one of our sons came running from the other side of the house.  I guess I just didn't get the cap off fast enough.  And I then needed to hose myself off.

When ...after the company leaves and you are in relaxed rinse the dishes mode ...using scalding hot water with the sink sprayer ...said sink sprayer button gets stuck at the same moment it slips in your soapy hand that it sprays directly into your face and not only soaks you, but the cabinets and the floor ...while your simultaneously screaming and wrestling with that possessed little hose?  Okay ...I am a screamer when things take me by surprise.   I just react.  :)  Sometimes I scare anyone around me, but usually they end up amused because of whatever calamity has occurred.  Think LUCY.  :)  Oh and thankfully, the scalding water temperature had cooled down to warm.

When have a doctor's appointment, you're dressed and ready to go ...except that you just have to brush your teeth after you finish that much desired mug of coffee ...but placed said much desired mug of coffee on your vanity ...just on the other side of a full glass of water, but then your hand slipped when you went to get something else off the vanity at which point you knocked the water over ...that in domino mode, then knocked the much desired mug of coffee over ...which sent the coffee flying into the nice crisp, outdoor clean smelling sheets you just put on your bed the night before, the NEW box spring and the quilt ...AND then had to clean books, the vanity, some smaller things and the floor ...sans cup of coffee?

At that point, I figured ...okay if things come in threes ..I'm done.


Three more a week later!

When drive to the doctor's office with the sunroof open so you won't be asphyxiated from the smell of spilled nail polish?  It turns out that last week, I neglected to put the nail polish top on tightly and it leaked out onto the plastic console in the cubbie under the dash.  But it wasn't until after I was en route yesterday that I moved what was covering this mishap ..that this awful smell permeated the entire car.  Not healthy!

When get to said doctor's office and they think you should've been there an 55 minutes earlier ...even though you KNOW the office person scheduling your 3 weeks in a row appointment ...said when scheduling, "Let's just keep them all at the same time.", and you agreed with HER idea.  You agreed so much that after the first appointment, you wave goodbye to the sign out desk, stating you don't need an appointment card because you will be back at the same time next week.  Then when they call you for a reminder, you immediately pick up the phone, say "Hi - I know what time to come in." and say goodbye.  But it turns out they say you can't be right because they have their anniversary barbecue outside. But ..I was right and stewed about it over the weekend and when saw doctor and m/a had to explain before I'd let anything be done.  The m/a said she had since talked with the woman and I was right, but just in case I still wanted doctor to know.  He was gracious as always.  I think she just forgot about the barbecue and then I blocked any chance of confirming appointment stating I knew the time.  And someone must've changed me, but not told me ..which again ..I did tell them I knew.  Normally ..I always want a card - but I KNEW we agreed on the same time 3 weeks in a row and my 3rd appt was at the originally scheduled time.  The second appointment mishap can be chalked up to miscommunication. I rest my case.  :)

When pick up some items in the store and then find out your credit card is declined?  WHAT?  I just used it!  AND ..they don't take checks!  I put the stuff back.  Then, I panicked and couldn't get home fast enough because that should not have happened.  I was worried about fraud.  But alas ...I placed some large orders from my direct sales company, and some other things and had not yet put it back in.  And that would've been alright, but then I used it for other things.  I normally would not do this and I guess is why I didn't think about it.I never did that in all my years of having credit cards.  I won't let that happen again.

When get undressed in your bedroom with the lights on, hang some things up ..only to realize that Mr SeaSpray did NOT pull the shades down ...again.  It's been a year since I put the shear white with blue roses sheer curtains up that obscure the fact the shades are up or down.  I still get caught if not thinking about it.  *sigh*  I ducked down fast, but I didn't scream.  I should have screamed and woken him up.  Of course ..ultimately the responsibility is with me.  I know I wrote a post about this happening when it first happened and yet ...I still get caught.  Geee!

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