Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well ...I am living proof that one doesn't die from mortal embarrassment.



Music just under blasting (feels like it goes all through my body when that loud), hair tossing around, hips - body gyrating ...while dusting to Shakira's Live from Paris concert (Youtube) ...specifically to her song, "Loca."

I turned... and there Mr SeaSpray was ...standing there - in the doorway ...with a big grin on his face.  And not only was I totally into to"Loca" at that point with hair tossing around and hips - body gyrating ...but I also was shaking the rag the air the beat too.  OMG!  

He probably thought *I* was loca!  

Suffice it to know that I wanted to ...DIE! DIE! DIE! (That part is in her video and yes I did that too  and I am s-o-o-o-o glad he didn't see that!) But like I said in the beginning doesn't "DIE!" during mortal embarrassment.  They just think and hope they will ... in the moment.  :)

Face flushed, I stopped faster than a lizard's tongue on a fly.  (I don't know where that came from - just go with it.)  Lightening fast!  With machine gun rapidity, I said, "Ilikehermusic!"And as if I had been dusting all along, I just began dusting the top of the book case.  Still grinning ...he mercifully ... walked into the next room. 

But I was (still am- hours later now), listening to Shakira's music and I simply cannot stay still ...not even now while typing this post.  I LOVE it!  Well, he always sees me moving around to it when I have it on.  But ...he just never saw me go full force like that and with a dust rag in my hand.  Still somewhat embarrassed, I am chuckling at this now. 

Anyway ...I never paid attention to her until I saw her on the Voice last spring and have since really come to like her and enjoy her music.  I'd even go to a concert if she were around here.  And I really like the Live from Paris concert.  Too bad they took out "Hips Don't Lie", and some others.  Maybe I will buy the DVD.

I'm like Kimberly G., on The Five - after every commercial break, she is usually dancing in her seat to the music playing in the intro to the next segment.  It's just hard for me to stay still when good music is on.  I bet everyone must dance by themselves ...sometime ...around the house or someplace ...when no one else is around.  It's fun.  :)

And this could've been worse.  Our son could've walked in with friends.

Ha ha!  I think if that happened ...we'd all want to DIE!  DIE!  DIE!  :)

And for now ...until seven ...LOCA! ...LOCA! ...LOCA!

Oh be clear ...and just in case you don't know it ...I'm no Shakira! ;)

Just saying.  :)


Scots little sister said...

SeaSpray! You are a young GIRL !!! I always knew that at heart you could never age while I can sit here and just let my jaw hang rudely until my hubby returns tonight to pick it off the floor and tie it to my head with a scarf!! He will wonder what the music was, press re-run, tell me to take my tablets and ask me to go get the dinner on. And he will probably pray that the music does the same enlivening thing to me :)

SeaSpray said...

Oh I LOVE you SLS! (Young:) Girl at heart - always I hope ...even tho life has thrust it's challenges - repeatedly - wears a girl down. My sort of joke is I will be a girl at 90 in heart. I hope so. We should all keep that younger person within us.

You always get me smiling.

I bet if ballet music was on ...that could set you to twirling around a bit. :)