Monday, September 9, 2013

Dreamy World

OMGOSH-IAMSOVERYTIRED!!!  So tired I feel like I am in a dreamy state.  That ultimate good sleep feeling you get like you could have the most p-e-r-f-e-c-t sleep ...if you could JUST sleep.

I didn't sleep well last night because I was excited about getting our new rug this morning.  LOVE it!  :)  And ..I just kept doing one more thing and one more thing last night and so went to bed late ..didn't sleep and up with the birds this morning and after they left ...I was inspired to do even more.  I had planned on taking a little nap before my PCP appointment ...but surprise ..surprise the little ones came over in the late morning.  I thought about canceling Dr appointment because I was concerned abut falling asleep at the wheel.  I know people that fell asleep when they were driving, cracked up their cars, and they didn't feel tired.  But sleep deprivation is cumulative and can occur even though you feel alright.  But I decided that canceling 2 hours out would not be appreciated. 

Anyway - I did get the flu shot.  I was going to resist this year ...again ..but I didn't recall the reasons a radio show host gave for why he refuses to ever get a flu shot.  And I figured that since I will be an inpatient for the knee surgery in November ...I might as well just get it.

Oh no ...I just realized ...I forgot to tell him I am at the tale end of a cold.  I am feeling good and I know I didn't appear as though I had been ill.  So should be alright ...right?  Anyway - too tired to write more right now.  I did write more but then I have to write more to explain and so I'll just stop here for now.

Fortunately, I started dinner this morning and it is just about done now.  And as soon as the children leave ..this SeaSpray is going in for the dreamiest ...perfect sleep.  I may even sleep until morning.  I did toy with going to Costco - but then I thought about the driving when tired thing and so ..another day.  Besides ...they say you shouldn't shop when you are tired because you are more vulnerable to making bad choices.

 I am soooo fantasizing about sleeping right now. 

Oh thing doctor asked me if I wanted to be the doctor now.  Ha ha!  He said it with humor because I was disagreeing with the cause of something.  I still think I am right. (I know my body) We will see.  :)

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