Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GOOD Dentist - BAD Dentist

Ever feel like your dentist was doing in construction in your mouth?  :)

  I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed  Monday morning ...and get this ...EAGER to go to my new DENTIST to have a second tooth worked on for a crown ...a molar.

As I reread the previous sentence ...I wonder who just put that up there, because given my past abject FEAR of going to the dentist - always ...I think it's truly an oxymoronic statement coming from me.  But what a fabulous, uneventful appointment.  All I will say about it for now is that even with just the temporary, he just put in ...he eradicated a problem I kept asking my other dentist about - for years.  And all the former dentist would say is, "I don't see anything."  And when I pushed the last time he said I should see a periodontist first.  This new dentist (TWICE) told me he thought I do not need a periodontist.  Thankfully I stalled on that (when former dentist suggested it), because I take care of my teeth and it just did not seem right and I did not want to go down an unnecessary path. And the idea of additional below the gum probing - yikes.  However, it seriously felt like a cavity or something needing repair.  And for as happy as I am with this new dentist and the tremendous respect and gratitude I have for him ...already ...I feel the polar opposite toward my former dentist.  I wanted to go BURSTING into his office on my way home this morning ..SMILING WIDE at the reception desk ...exclaiming "SEE!  SEE what these teeth SHOULD look like!  And now I also don't have this other problem I complained about for years ...SEE!"  And then just back out smiling ...showing off the quality dental work.  But ...I decided to go home instead.

Update:  It's Tuesday evening now and I am still not having that issue with the tooth I complained about for years.  I am so happy it is better and honestly ...I am now BAFFLED that a dentist could ignore and let something go that he could've fixed.

 Don't dentists have a code of ethics to abide by?  I'm baffled I tell you ...and more.

Thankfully ...I have a good dentist now.

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